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RP 5 T - RP 12 E - RP 30 D - RP 50 B

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RP 5 T – RP 12 E – RP 30 D – RP 50 B C-Frame flexural testing machine Standards: EN 12390-4 AUTOMATIC Flexural testing machine Load 5 kN – 12 kN – 30 kN – 50 kN The built of this user friendly C-Frame combines High quality and heavy duty design. After welding, our C-Frames are ground at the Jack fixation plates and the test table to correct any misalignment induced by welding ! Furthermore are all our flexural testing frames equipped with double effect Jacks making the run back to the starting position easier. Ergonomics Solidly united to a very rigid table, our C-frames offer the operator, on top of a remarkable accessibility to the specimen to be tested, very good user friendliness, allowing him to put even heavy specimen into position without risking hurting his back ! Furthermore does the working table offer hollow feet for easy and safe handling during the setting up in the laboratory with just a simple pallet jack. Characteristics • Welded C-Frame chassis • Long stroke double effect jack (see chart) working at 400 bar. • Hydraulic stoke: 300 mm (or 350 mm) • Jack mounted with a soft friction sealing and Teflon guiding. • Automatic run back after the test. • Specific blades ans accessories for tiles, infillor blocks, kerbstones, slabs etc… RP 5 T Tiles Max load Tooling Daylight Stroke Weight Standard 6 kN 12 kN Ø 40 x 600 20 x 300 240 mm 240 mm 300 mm 300 mm 250 kg 300 kg EN 490 EN 15037-2 Tooling for roof tiles, kerbs, flags, infillor blocks may be mounted on each frame

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