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3M Occupational Health & Environmental Safety Division 3M Rugged Anti-Scratch (RAS) Coating ™ Emerging from a rich heritage of advanced coating innovation, 3M introduces Rugged Anti-Scratch (RAS) super hard coat for non-prescription safety eyewear lenses. RAS helps provide protection against scratches in the toughest of environments. With at least four times more scratch resistance than any other hard coat on 3M non-prescription safety eyewear, you’ll see a clear difference when it comes to durability and longer lens life – which leads to lower costs.

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Rugged Anti Scratch - 2

Get a Clear Look at Durability and Value RAS super hard coat leverages over 30 years of 3M coating chemistry expertise to offer long-lasting lens protection that’s clearly different. Scientifically engineered by 3M, RAS is an advanced anti-scratch lens coating designed to enhance eyewear performance in rugged, abrasive, environments. RAS-coated lenses are designed to help stand up to the rigors of a wide range of applications such as sanding, sawing, milling, machining, masonry, power fastening, buffing and mining.* RAS Takes Eyewear Performance to the Next Level • t least four times more...

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