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3M™ 6000 Series Half Mask


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3M™ 6000 Series Half Mask - 1

3 6000 Series Half-Mask Respirators Data Sheet Main Features The 6000 Series Respirators are used with twin lightweight filters which are fitted by a simple bayonet attachment system, providing an economical and flexible choice. The respirators can also be used with the 3M S-200 Supplied-Air System for increased convenience and flexibility. Applications Particulates FILTER HAZARD Particulates (Fine Dusts and Mists) Pharmaceutical Powdered Chemicals Construction, Quarrying Ceramics Refractory Materials Foundries, Agriculture Woodworking, Food Industry Particulates and nuisance levels of Organic Vapours and Acid Gases Welding, Paper Industry Brewing, Chemical Processing Typical Smog, Inks and Dyes Particulates, Hydrogen Fluoride Gas up to 30ppm and relief from Ozone, Organic Vapours and Acid Gases below WEL Aluminium Welding Agriculture Pharmaceutical Organic Vapours Anywhere conventional paints are used (subject to usage conditions) Vehicle manufacture Aircraft manufacture and refurbishment Boat building Ink and Dye manufacture and use Adhesive manufacture and use Paint and varnish manufacture Resin manufacture and use Manufacture and Maintenance of refrigeration equipment Agrochemicals Organic Vapours, Inorganic and Acid Gases As 6051 but also: Electrolytic processes Acid cleaning Metal Pickling Metal Etching Organic Vapours, Inorganic Gases, Acid gases and Ammonia Organic Vapours and Formaldehyde As 6051 but also: Hospitals and Laboratories Laboratories and particulate applications • Lightweight • Flexible system (gas / vapour and / or particulate filters plus Supplied-Air option) • Hypo-allergenic facepiece material • Easy to use • Well balanced • 3 sizes (6100 - small, 6200 - medium, 6300 - large) • Low maintenance • Economical The table above lists the filters and typical industrial applications. The 6000 Series half masks can be used in a variety of different filter / product options : • Gas and vapour filters - The 6000 Series filters fit directly onto the 6000 Series half masks. • Particulate filters - The 2000 Series particulate filters fit directly on to the 6000 Series half masks. The 5911 / 5925 / 5935 particulate filters may be used on their own with platform 60

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3M™ 6000 Series Half Mask - 2

• A combination of gas / vapour and particulate filters - The 5911 / 5925 / 5935 particulate filters can be used with 6000 Series gas / vapour filters using retainer 501. Note: the 6098 or 6099 filters should not be used with the 6000 Series half masks. • Supplied-air mode using the 3M S-200 Respirator System (For information on the Supplied-Air System and applications please see the 3M S-200 Data Sheet). Approvals The 3M 6000 Series half masks and 6000/5000/2000 Series filters have been shown to meet the Basic Safety Requirements under Article 10 and 11 B of the European Community...

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3M™ 6000 Series Half Mask - 3

Fitting Instructions Fitting instructions must be followed each time the respirator is worn. 1. Place the respirator over the mouth and nose, then pull the harness over the crown of the head. 2. Take the bottom straps in both hands, place them at the back of the neck and hook them together. 3. Tighten the top straps first by pulling on ends to achieve a comfortable and secure fit. 4. Tighten bottom straps using either front or rear adjustments. (Strap tension may be decreased by pushing out on back side of buckles). 5. Perform a positive and/or negative pressure fit check (see overleaf).

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3M™ 6000 Series Half Mask - 4

3M Spare Parts and Accessories Face Fitting The negative pressure fit check is recommended when using the 6035, 6038 and 2000 Series filters; the positive pressure fit check is recommended when using other filters. Positive Pressure Facefit Check Place the palm of the hand over the exhalation valve cover and exhale gently. Particulate filter platform Facepiece cleaner If the facepiece bulges slightly and no air leaks between the face and the facepiece are detected, a proper fit has been achieved. If air leakage is detected, reposition the respirator on the face and/or readjust the elastic...

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