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3M™ 4510 Protective Coverall


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3MTM 4510 Protective Coverall The 3M™ 4510 Protective Coverall is designed to help protect against hazardous dusts (Type 5) and light liquid splashes (Type 6). Sizing An appropriate size garment should be selected to allow sufficient movement for the task whilst maintaining a secure fit. • Helps provide basic protection against dusts and light liquid splashes • Elasticated waist, ankles, and wrists for convenience and freedom of movement • Two-way zipper with storm flap for convenience and additional protection • Low-linting properties and anti-static coating on both sides* Liquid Protection Type 6 - Light Liquid Splashes (EN 13034:2005 + A1:2009) Dust Protection Type 5 - Solid Airborne Particulates EN ISO 13982-1:2004 • Store in dry, clean conditions in original packaging, away from direct sunlight, sources of high temperature, and solvent vapours • Store within the temperature range -20°C to +25°C (-4°F to +68°F) and with relative humidity below 80% • Expected shelf life is three years from date of manufacture when stored as stated • Replace garments if damaged, heavily contaminated or in accordance with local work practice or regulations • Handle and dispose of contaminated garments with care and in accordance with applicable regulations Anti-static coating* on both sides (EN 1149-5:2008) Radioactive particulates (EN 1073-2:2002) Class 1 Except EN863 puncture resistance. Does not offer protection against radiation. * All apparel must be suitably grounded for anti-static treatment to be effective. Approvals CE approved under PPE Directive (89/686/ECC), Category III Article 10 Certification: BTTG Testing & Certification Ltd. Notified Body Number: 0338 Article 11B Supervision: SGS United Kingdom Ltd. Notified Body Number: 0120 Flammable — keep away from sparks or flames Materials Suit Polypropylene / Polyethylene Laminate Neoprene Rubber Polyester / Cotton Metal / Nylon / Polyester Braid Warnings and Limitations Before use read and understand all user instructions and be sure that the product is suitable for the application and fitted correctly. Product must never be altered or modified. This product does not contain components made from natural rubber latex. Do not use for: • Contact with heavy oils, sparks or flame, or combustible liquids; • Environments with high mechanical risks (abrasions, tears, cuts); • Contact with hazardous substa

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Light Liquid Splash Yes if chemical is compatible with suit material^ Non-Hazardous Liquid Splash Heavy Splash/ Liquid Spray The table below shows the performance of this product when tested under laboratory conditions. Please note that the tests may not reflect the reality of use and do not account for factors such as excessive heat and mechanical wear. Note: The maximum Class is 6 unless otherwise noted. Hazardous Dusts and Fibres Organic Solvents Liquid Continuous Contact/ Immersion Acids/Alkalis Yes if chemical is compatible with suit material^ t The chemicals against which the product...

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