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3M Personal Safety Division 3M AcoustiCal AC-300 Calibrator ™ Acoustic Calibrator Precise. • pecifically designed for field calibration of 3M sound level meters and noise S dosimeters across a wide range of temperature, humidity and pressure conditions • roduces two signals, 250 Hz or 1,000 Hz at a sound pressure level of 114 dB P Quick. • imply insert the microphone of your instrument, select the correct signal from S the one-button keypad, and calibrate Reliable. • onforms to the requirements of IEC 60942 (2003-01) for sound calibrators and C ANSI S1.40-2006 (R2011): specifications and verification procedures for sound level meters To find out more about 3M Detection Solutions products, see The power to protect your world.

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Designed for efficient operation • ow battery icon indicates when L replacement is needed, to help prevent service interruption. • uto-OFF function powers down 4 minutes A after last key press, reducing power drain and maximizing battery life (approximately 18 hours). Made Easy One-button simplicity • ingle On/Off/Function key assures ease S of use. • Makes calibrations fast and trouble-free. Conforms to standards • nables confident use in a wide range of E applications and conditions. • eets the requirements of IEC 60942 (2003) M for sound calibrators and ANSI S1.40-2006 (R2011) for sound...

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