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3M™ Speedglas™ Selection Guide Select the Speedglas™ helmet and Auto Darkening Filter (ADF) combination that's right for you. quick welding tasks Adflo™ PAPR or the 3M™ Fresh-air I All Premium helmets are compatible with of any of the three Speedglas ADFs of differing sizes: 9100V, 9100X, 91OOXX professional welder in mind Optimal respiratory protection and comfort for increased productivity Superior optics Known for their outstanding optical quality and performance, 3M™ Speedglas™ Auto Darkening Filters assure uniform shading and minimal distortion across the entire filter viewing area. Our wide selection of filters offers options for nearly all welding processes and unique welding needs. Speedglas™ ADF Application Guide

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available with either from the 100S-10 with a dark shade of 10 or the 100S-11 with a dark shade of 11. Part number Dark state Light state Switching speed UV/IR Protection Viewing area (approx.) Battery life (approx.) Weight (complete assembly Black -15, with graphics -16 (same for all three filters) Speedglas™ Super Light (SL) ADF welding tasks. Its superb arc detection is ideal for specialty Part number Weight (complete assembly) Dark state Light state Switching speed UV/IR Protection Viewing area (approx.) Battery life (approx.) come in three different sizes r than any other Speedglas™ "...

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Speedglas™ 100 Series Perfect for hobby welders, farmers, and do-it-yourselfers, as well as maintenance and construction workers, these helmets provide state-of-the-art eye and face protection while allowing wearers to express their personality with several unique graphic designs. All 100 Series graphic helmets come with a variable shade ADF (100V, Shades 8-12). The black helmet is available with variable shades 8-12, or with two different single shade ADF options (100F - shade 10 or 11). Boneyard Ice Hot Trojan Warrior Razor Dragon Aces High Blazed Xterminator Raging Skull Black American...

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Speedglas™ Super Light (SL) At a mere 13 ounces, including the filter, the SL is lighter than any other Speedglas helmet. It is also the narrowest helmet, making it ideal for welding in very tight spaces. Grab & go— a motion sensor automatically turns ON the welding filter when you SL with ADF 05-0013-41 pick up the helmet, making this helmet ideal for quick welding tasks. sLheimetoniy(noADF) 05-0013-00 The 9100 is designed for optimal comfort and protection. The radical technology behind the highly adjustable 9100 head suspension fundamentally changes not only how you wear the helmet, but...

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The 9100 FX includes an innovative wide-view grinding visor to give welders and all-in-one solution for more flexibility and precision. The exceptionally clear and large (8" X 4.25") visor offers a greater field of view in all directions, while a smooth flip-up pivot mechanism assures effortless transition from welding to grinding modes. The 9100 FX 9iooFXwith9ioovADF oe-oeoo-iosw comes standard with Shade 5 SideWmdows and a top-of-head head spark and spatter cover. 9100FXhelmetonly(noADF) 06-oioo-oosw The 9100-Air and FX-Air combine the features of standalone helmets, 9100 and 9100 FX,...

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3M™ Air Sources for Speedglas™ Helmets from the blower unit via breathing tube to the headtop. The system creates a positive pressure, which together with the faceseal helps prevent particles and other contaminants from entering the helmet. This system can be used with Speedgals™ 9100-Air and 9100 FX-Air helmets, and is an ideal solution where powered air respiratory protection is desired. All Speedglas™ Breathing Tubes feature the innovative 3M™ Quick Release Swivel (QRS) Connection, to allow for a quick connection and minimize loops and kinks. 3M™ Fresh-Air III Supplied Air Systems Two...

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Welding Safety Education We are committed to welding safety through creating top quality protective equipment as well as providing you with resources for welding safety education. A specially created online portal contains a collection of welding safety education and training materials. This site was created with welding instructors and students in mind, and gives you access to customized training materials, complete with videos and ready-to-use presentations on: • Hearing protection • Respiratory protection • Welding Hazards • Auto Darkening Filters • Welding Productivity Tips Outside...

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3M™ Speedglas ™ Quality: An Inside Look Speedglas Circuit Board Filter elements are bonded with optical adhesive for minimum Custom, multi-function programmed logic chip increases reliability. Sensors mounted on circuit board minimize electro- magnetic noise interference Silicone coating protects critical Sealed button membrane protects digital controls and reduces sweat and liquid Other Circuit Boards Analog controls are fragile and prone to moisture and particle Excessive wiring and circuitry potential for signal interference Spray coated or unprotected circuit board components are leaves...

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