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Measuring Noise Noise hazard depends on the level (sometimes called intensity) of the noise, its duration, and how often the exposure occurs. The point above which regular exposure to sounds becomes hazardous is a level of about 85 decibels (abbreviated dB, or sometimes dBA which is the value that more closely corresponds to human hearing). Noise is measured using a sound level meter. The Sound Around Us Noise is everywhere. It is the most pervasive environmental pollutant on the planet. Virtually everything we do makes noise, and the more we do it, the faster we do it, and the more of us...

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Hearing Protection Earplug Fitting Tip Hearing loss due to noise is almost entirely preventable by judicious use of hearing plugs the noise levels should be about the same whether or not the ears are covered. protection. To find what is best for you, try different devices from the wide variety available today. Be sure to carefully read the instructions because hearing protectors must fit properly and be worn correctly to do the job. Hearing protector effectiveness is specified by a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), typically ranging from 15‑35 decibels. In practice the protection that normally...

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Hearing Protection Hearing Protector Fitting Tip Initially you may be concerned that you’ll be unable to hear while wearing protection. becoming deeper, hollow, or muffled due to what is called the occlusion effect. If you don’t However, unless you already have a significant hearing loss you’ll be surprised how hear the change, or if it isn’t the same in both ears, you have not obtained a proper fit and well you can hear speech and many other sounds while protected in the noise. acoustic seal in either one or both ears. When either a plug or muff is properly fitted, the sound of your own...

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Specialized Hearing Protectors Musician's Earplugs Certain earplugs are designed for moderate noise reduction and better sound quality (more uniform attenuation across the range of frequencies). For many sound exposures such as live music, public events, and transportation, these devices provide the needed protection, while making listening easier and more enjoyable. The effect with these earplugs can be compared to wearing medium neutral-gray sunglasses instead of very dark color-tinted lenses that dramatically change one's perception. The Professional Musician E»A»R® Plug is one such...

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Save Your Hearing! Person-to- Person Inarguably, the most important function person with hearing loss may not hear or understand family members and friends, particularly women and children with high-pitched voices. Communication over the telephone for business or pleasure becomes more difficult. The individual will confuse similar-sounding words and mistake the message. Embarrassed to ask the speaker to repeat, the listener may just "tune out." Conversing in groups is most difficult, especially if there is background noise. People with hearing loss often become socially isolated as others...

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Noise Is All Around Be aware of noisy situations such as the ones illustrated to the right, so you can protect yourself and enjoy a lifetime of good hearing. Gunshots Protection is needed when shooting at both indoor and outdoor ranges. For some people, exposure to one unprotected shot can spell permanent hearing loss. Power Tools Semi-insert devices or earmuffs can be effective and convenient protection for these intermittent exposures Chain Saws & Leaf Blowers Hearing protection is a must whenever operating these very loud tools. Not only will you protect your hearing, but you will feel...

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