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Fall Protection Core Products Our best selling equipment – in stock and in demand.

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Your work is dangerous. On average, 12 workers in the United States die per week due to falls while at work.* So your safety precautions have to meet the highest standards. That’s why we’ve made it simple to equip your workers with the best in fall protection. For over a decade, 3M™ Fall Protection products have been researched, designed and developed using proven innovation techniques and other industry leading standards. When you join forces with 3M, you will confidently provide safe and secure solutions for your workers. Whether you need harnesses, connecting or anchorage devices, or...

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stands for Anchorage, B for Body support, C is the Connection between them, and D stands for Descent and rescue equipment that must be on-site for each job. Body Support that distributes fall force across your entire body and provides the personal connection point. Full Body Harnesses are used to distribute fall arrest forces across the shoulders, upper thighs, chest and pelvis. They feature a center back fall arrest attachment (dorsal D-ring) for connection to the fall arrest connecting device, and may have other D-rings for use in worker positioning, travel restraint, retrieval or ladder...

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HARNESS FEATURES The best equipment is versatile, dependable and comfortable. Size Consider total working weight including clothing, tools, etc., and need for a tool belt: • Up to 310 lbs. - Select Universal Size Up to 400 lbs. - Select XXL, Elavation™ Series or Apache • With tool belt (and all Elavation harnesses) Select size based on waist measurement: S-M=30" - 42" waist L-XL=40"- 52" waist XXL=45" - 57" waist • 3M™ Fall Protection harnesses provide high-end comfort, maximum movement, and ease of donning/ doffing, all while providing you secure protection that meets OSHA All harnesses...

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[ PREMIUM ] The Elavation™ harness incorporates advanced design features to help make fitting, adjusting and wearing this fall arrest harness easier and more comfortable. A variety of hardware configurations available including quick connect buckles or grommet leg straps and additional D-rings. Our premium padding is breathable and durable, and the tighter weave of the webbing is designed to help resist damage from abrasion. Integrated web keepers and lanyard storage keepers hold excess material out of the way to reduce potential entanglement hazards. [ UPPER MIDRANGE ] The Ameba harness...

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Specialty Harnesses The Feather harness is our original harness [ LOWER MIDRANGE ] and remains a popular choice today thanks to its tangle-free back D-ring assembly that The Saturn harness is specifically designed for welding applications to provide is designed to lie flat on the user’s back. char resistance. Specially designed Nomex® brand fiber web resists char splatter A variety of hardware configurations up to 700°F. Lightweight design may help to improve worker available including pass thru chest comfort. The back pad also helps promote tangle-free connection, grommet or pass thru leg...

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Fall Protection provide more than just safety. With design features like our audible braking mechanism housed inside a polycarbonate or metal case, 3M is devoted to making sure you SELF-RETRACTING LANYARDS Our self-retracting lanyards combine innovative technology to offer protection, greater maneuverability and productivity. From construction to petrochemical, we offer a wide range of self-retracting lanyards to meet the exacting fall Self-retracting lanyards from 3M™ protection needs of diverse industries. The core range of self-retracting lanyards includes: SafeLight Shock Absorbing...

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RELOAD SERIES The 3M™ ReLoad™ retractable lanyards are our A popular choice, the 3M™ MS-11 retractable premium self-retracting lanyard offering. They lanyard is a strong performing web retractable. lanyards offer an economical advance current technology with a modular design The aluminum housing offers durability, and option suitable for most work that helps improve product performance, and helps ensure the product is lightweight environments. Available with [ MIDRANGE - CABLE ] allows for on-site inspection and servicing by for the wearer. Features Dyneema webbing for galvanized steel...

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Now that you’ve got your body covered, make sure it’s What to consider when choosing a lanyard: WORK ENVIRONMENT Just like the webbing of your harness, it’s essential for lanyard durability and your safety that the lanyard’s webbing is strong enough to withstand rough environmental elements and use, without fraying or tearing. Cable lanyards offer extra durability and are ideal for abrasive or high-heat environments. WEB: general purpose CABLE: extremely harsh environments Price Range dangerously above ground. SafeAbsorb Expandable lanyards offers secure connection options for a worksite...

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[ ENTRY LEVEL ] Our economy lanyard, available with external SafeLight 3 ft. Energy Absorbing Lanyard, polyester web with (2) snap hooks, 310 lb. capacity, 3,600 lb. rated hardware energy absorber or integrated energy absorber. Choose from 3 ft. - 6 ft. lengths, and single leg or dual leg options. Available with snap hooks The SafeAbsorb lanyards include standard 6 ft. web offerings that meet ANSI Z359.13-2009 standards. Available with snap hooks and/or rebar hooks, allowing for a variety of attachment options. and/or rebar hooks, allowing for a variety of 209512 attachment options. Meets...

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SPECIALTY LANYARDS POSITIONING DEVICES 3M™ positioning devices allow for fall restraint and work positioning in both web and chain link connection. Chain rebar assemblies provide hands-free positioning to harness tool belt and help improve productivity. Web positioning lanyards featured are available in standard 6 ft. and adjustable lengths with snap hook connection. [ ANCHOR/LANYARD COMBO ] This provides a 2-in-1 solution for your fall arrest system by combining your lanyard and anchorage device to help reduce inventory and cost. 3812 Tie-Back 6 ft. Energy Absorbing Lanyard, gray polyester...

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