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WorkSeries - 1

THINK PRINT SAVE BIG The most trusted open-market 3D printer ► Largest, Fastest, Most Durable, High Print Quality, Industrial 3D Printer. Base Machines Starting at $14,999 to $36,999 USD ► From 1 m x 1 m x 0.5 m to 1 m x 1.5 m x 0.7 m Build Area ► Print Speeds Up to 16x Faster than Industry Norm ► Trusted by Fortune 100 Brands

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WorkSeries - 2

THINK PRINT The most trusted open-market 3D printer At 3D Platform, we are committed to making your biggest ideas a reality. As a global leader in manufacturing LARGE FORMAT industrial strength 3D printers, our team is focused on driving advancements in technology to innovate, design, and build next-generation equipment for additive manufacturing at an AFFORDABLE price. THE MOST TRUSTED OPEN-MARKET 3D PRINTER When top industry leaders are looking to stay competitive in a demanding market, 3D Platform is who they call. We are trusted by Fortune 100 companies to deliver solutions that meet...

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WorkSeries - 3

WORKSERIES Big Just Got Bigger And a Whole Lot Faster We design products that push the limits of innovation. Our focus on size, speed, flexibility, and durability is meant to help expand your business capabilities to new levels. Why choose 3D Platform? Because your BIGGEST ideas should become a reality. BIG • Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) type 3D printer with up to 1 m x 1.5 m x 0.7 m (39.3 in x 59 in x 27.5 in) build area. Eliminates the need to scale down or print multiple parts that require assembly. Cuts market entry time with rapid design iteration. • 211x larger build area than a...

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WorkSeries - 4

INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH ENHANCED MECHATRONICS deliver superior speed and higher print quality. Four times greater performance and accuracy at top speeds. Twice as fast acceleration and deceleration. SIMO® Series actuators and Constant Force™ anti-backlash lead screws and nuts provide rugged, industrial framework, and up to 105% More Build Volume. BOROSILICATE GLASS HEATED BUILD PLATFORM is thermally stable and offers the ideal print surface for optimal printing and easy clean-up.

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WorkSeries - 5

TOUCH SCREEN BRAINBOX (HMI – Human Machine Interface) comes equipped with a 32-bit chip and optimized firmware to produce the highest quality, accuracy, and resolution detail for your 3D prints. The BrainBox is 1,000% faster and 1,000% smarter than our last generation BrainBox. This quick-swappable box provides for future upgrades without the need for a technician.† Not in the office? REMOTE ACCESS via Wi-Fi or ethernet allows you to login through your mobile device to control your WorkSeries printer. Remotely stop and restart prints anywhere you have internet access. Also, get detailed...

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WorkSeries - 6


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WorkSeries - 7

RAPID PROTOTYPING -ITERATE AGAIN AND AGAIN The perfect product rarely comes out of the initial design. The WorkSeries allows you to develop custom prototypes quickly and at a low cost, giving you the opportunity to refine and test to perfection... again and again and again. LEAN MANUFACTURING BEGINS WITH 3D PLATFORM 3D printing allows you to optimize fixtures, jigs, and manufacturing aids. The WorkSeries opens the door to custom tool production and refined processes, helping to reduce incremental tooling costs and risks. Lean manufacturing initiatives just got BIGGER support with 3D...

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WorkSeries - 8

Your Ideas are Just the Beginning... EXPANDED 3D PRINTING CAPABILITIES The WorkSeries was designed to expand the possibilities of 3D printing, because your BIG ideas shouldn’t have limitations. With advanced processes in 3D printing – such as inserts, core modeling, and multiple materials – we are expanding the capabilities of our 3D printers to new levels. You can incorporate non-printed elements such as fasteners, electronics, screen filters, switches, sensors, or even metal substructures directly into a printed part. This enables you to produce fully functional models, prototypes, and...

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WorkSeries - 9

Steel inserts, added during printing, provide structural reinforcement. “ SINCE WE PURCHASED OUR WORKBENCH, WE KEEP FINDING NEW WAYS TO USE IT TO BE MORE EFFICIENT...THINGS WE NEVER HAD THOUGHT ABOUT BEFORE...” ­— Packaging Engineer, Global Leader in Agricultural, Lawn and Garden Solution

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WorkSeries - 10

More Choices. More Savings. Our Open-Market Advantage. When it comes to maximizing innovation and value for our customers, our Open-Market Advantage gives you the ability to choose from a wide variety of open-market filament and software that can deliver up to a 90% savings on your investment. We believe that leveraging the power and the resources behind thousands of organizations to bring your solutions to life quickly and more affordably is what the market demands. Paired with the WorkSeries’ large format, industrial strength, superior speed, and exceptional print quality ranging from...

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WorkSeries - 11

SOFTWARE You deserve options. Our Open-Market Advantage allows you to use the software you are already familiar with, or to “right size” the software package that best meets your business needs and your budget. Software shown in example: Simplify3D®. Software shown in example: Repetier Host & Slic3r. • Free open market software • Includes an interface with Slic3r* Detailed print previews Advanced print algorithms Core modeling High speed, high quality prints Slic3r is used with Repetier Host and can be downloaded at Rapid ROI MOTORCYCLE GAS TANK MATERIAL COST COMPARISON: Open...

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WorkSeries - 12

FULL BODY PRINT Material: PLA Size: X: 254 Y: 432 Z: 1588 mm (X: 10 Y: 17 Z: 62.5 in) Material Cost: $500 USD Print Times: V6 Extruder: 598 hours Volcano Extruder: 209 hours HFA Extruder: 94 hours HFE 300 Extruder: 76 hours HFE 900 Extruder: 63 hours

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WorkSeries - 13

FRANKENSTEIN Material: PLA Size: X: 630 Y: 501 Z: 535 mm (X: 25 Y: 20 Z: 21 in) Material Cost: $240 USD Print Times: V6 Extruder: 298 hours Volcano Extruder: 134 hours HFA Extruder: 70 hours HF300 Extruder: 37 hours HF900 Extruder: 12 hours Material: PLA Size: X: 479 Y: 479 Z: 230 mm (X: 19 Y: 19 Z: 9 in) Material Cost: $99 USD Print Times: V6 Extruder: 167 hours Volcano Extruder: 76 hours HFA Extruder: 40 hours HF300 Extruder: 21 hours HF900 Extruder: 7 hours ENGINE INTAKE MANIFOLD Material: PLA Size: X: 523 Y: 249 Z: 71 mm (X: 20.5 Y: 10 Z: 3 in) Material Cost: $81 USD Print Times: V6...

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