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Spectrophotometer SB-8000 Highest accuracy Spectrophotometer SB-8000 is Top Quality product of 3Color® brand for measuring the color with the upper port measuring. Measurement port The SB-8000 spectrophotometer has an upper measuring port with apertures from Φ3 mm up to Φ11 mm. The measurement of the sample from the bottom allows a very accurate placement of the subject detail on the measuring port or in the case of liquid and powder materials can be placement directly on the shutter spectrophotometer in glass cell. Colorimetry The device has a wide selection of colorimetric parameters such...

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Management of the measurement database The spectrophotometer is equipped with a simple and user-friendly interface to manage the measurement database directly from the device level. User-friendly intuitive buttons allows users to quickly and easily navigate and operate the database. Sample View Data View T Name Tasting time Testing time Sample View Delete Editing name LCD Color display The device is equipped with a color display which shows the measurement, result of data and helps to manage it directly in the device without any additional PC software or apps. Spectro-Color QC software The...

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MODEL Measurement conditions Integrating sphere size Light source Sensor Spectral range SB-8000 Reflected light measurement: d:8° (diffuse illumination: 8° viewing), Measurement mode: SCI/SCE, Conforms to: ISO7724/1, DIN5033 Teil7, JIS Z8722 condition C, CIE No.15, ASTM E1164. Φ40 mm CLED Double line of silicon photodiodes. 400-700 nm Spectral interval Photometric range Photometric resolution Data presented on the display Reflaktance and transferance, graph / values, color difference values, display measurement area, color tendency, color simulation, report. Measurement time Measurement...

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