Spectrophotometers Portable SFX series


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Spectrophotometers Portable SFX series - 2

SF and SFX series High repeatability measurement. Unique patented solutions. New generation of spectrophotometers with color LCD display. SCS optical engine Patented optical module allows the highest accuracy and repeatability in portable spectrophotometers. Innovative auto calibration system - ETC (Every Test Calibration) Auto Calibration system reduce the time needed for manual calibration and possibility of white tile storage. Internal camera to view the measurement area Optical system can clearly display the measurement area and increase the precision of the test. Color chart reader...

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Spectrophotometers Portable SFX series - 3

Spectrally balanced LED light source LED light source that has balanced intensity across visible spectrum avoids the spectral deficiency in certain parts of the spectrum in common white LEDs, and guarantees the speed of the measurement and the accuracy of the results. Spectro-Color QC software Our spectrophotometer comes with PC color QC software, which is applicable in various industries for management of color data. It is used for store test result, generate test report and print test report after connect with printer. You can connect your devices using the USB ports or Bluetooth. Color...

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Spectrophotometers Portable SFX series - 4

550g (without battery) 181*73*112mm (L*W*H) 0°C-45°C Relative humidity less than 80% / no condensation Power supply, battery, manual, Spectro Color QC software, drivers, USB cable, white / black calibration kit, measuring cover, bag. Adapter for measurement of liquid materials, adapter for measuring powders and granules, arm, printer Poland | ul. Jodlowa 50, 32-095 Narama, Poland | Tel. +48 12 445 95 61 | office@3color.eu Czech Republic | ul. Jodlowa 50, 32-095 Narama, Poland | Tel. +48 12 445 95 61 | office@3color.eu France | 66 rue de la Prevoyance 59 700 Marcq en Baroeul, France | Tel....

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