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SFXc series - 2

Portable Spectrophotometers SFXc/SFXcg Measuring geometry 45°/0° with omnidirectional illumination. Built-in glossmeter with an angle of 60°. light source Device 2 in 1. Measuring of color and gloss. detector at an angle of 0° omnidirectional lighting 45° SCS optical engine Patented optical module which allows the highest accuracy and repeatability among the portable spectrophotometers. The LED spectrum balancing system The spectral balancing system for LED lighting prevents light deficits while of measuring the color of the sample

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SFXc series - 3

Spectro-Color QC software Our spectrophotometer comes with PC color QC software, which is applicable in various industries for management of color data. It is used for store test result, generate test report and print test report after connect with printer. You can connect your devices using the USB ports or Bluetooth. Color LCD display The large color LCD display is making the operation easy and helps measurement data management without any additional PC devices or apps. Sample measu re Sample measure Data View T Name Tasting time Sample View Delete Editing name USB printer The micro-USB...

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SFXc series - 4

Measurement Geometry Measurement area Standard Observers Illuminant Types Photometric range Color spaces Colorimetric indices Color difference formulas Colorimetric standards Wavelength interval Light source Spectral range Gloss measurement Gloss geometry Gloss measurement area Gloss range Gloss standards Repeatability of gloss Measurement time Display Interface Power supply Data storage Lamp lifetime Inter-instrument agreement Repeatability Weight Dimensions Operating temperature range Operating humidity range Standard accessories Optional accessories 4570° 11 mm CIE 2°/10° A, C, D50, D55,...

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