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Light Boxes LB Series - 2

Light Boxes LB Series 3Color® Light Boxes are high-quality kits for visual color assessment. They are suitable for every application types wherever proper lighting, angle and conditions are necessary for a correct color assessment. The devices are fully compliant with ISO, ASTM, AATCC, SAE, DIN, CIE and BSI standards. Replaceable light sources from PHILIPS 3Color® Light Boxes are equipped with available on market fluorescent lamps from PHILIPS, which facilitates use and reduces service costs.

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Light Boxes LB Series - 3

A ready-made kit for visual color assessment with a built-in table and a handy arrangement of cabinets, shelves and storage compartments. Possibility to choose from 1 to 3 light sources. Mounted wheels increase the mobility of the workplace. Variants available: Metal shelf Metal shelf and drawers 3 Drawers and cupboard 1 Light Rooms 3Color® LB series Light Boxes are available in dimensions of 60-120 cm. On special request, we can prepare a chamber for individual customer orders, even with an area of several dozen square meters, the so-called Light Rooms. Main advantages of 3Color® Light...

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Light Boxes LB Series - 4

Light Boxes MODEL Light source Light source brand Wood 6 light sources D65, TL84, F/A, UV, CWF, U30 Examples of application: Graphic arts Poland | ul. Jodłowa 50, 32-095 Narama, Poland | Tel. +48 12 445 95 61 | Czech Republic | ul. Jodłowa 50, 32-095 Narama, Poland | Tel. +48 12 445 95 61 | France | 66 rue de la Prevoyance 59 700 Marcq en Baroeul, France | Tel. +33 320740460 | www.3color.

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