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HM300 - 2

Haze Meter 3Color® HM-300 series 3Color® HM-300 Haze Meter is highest quality device for measurements of optical properties of transparent materials like films, glass, plastics, liquids, etc. The instrument performs Haze measurements, Transmission including Clarity and Color in accordance with ASTM and ISO standards. Measurement in accordance with ASTM and ISO HM-300 is a multifunctional device that performs measurements in accordance with ASTM D1003 / D1044, ISO13468 / ISO14782, JIS K7105, JIS K7361, JIS K7163. LCD color display The device is equipped with a LCD color display enabling...

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HM300 - 3

Open measuring space HM-300 Hazemeter has an open working area thanks to which it is possible to place any samples dimensions on the measurement window. In addition, the device can work in a vertical or horizontal position. Haze QC software HM-300 works with Haze QC software. Using the program allows you to expand the device capabilities through additional functions, data archiving and the ability to print or prepare a presentation. Additional accessories The instrument is equipped with a set of additional accessories and handles that provide maximum comfort and stable sample fixation....

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HM300 - 4

Light source Standards Parameters Measuring Range Spectral Response Wavelength Range Wavelength Interval Geometry Illumination Area and Aperture Resolution Repeatability Sample Size Display Data Storage Interface Power Working Temperature Storage Temperature Instrument Size PC Software Optional ASTM D1003/D1044, ISO13468/ISO14782, JIS K 7105, JIS K 7361, JIS K 7136, GB/T 2410-08, CIE No.15, ISO 7724/1, ASTM E1164, DIN 5033 Teil7, JIS Z8722 Condition c standard Haze (HAZE), Transmittance (T), Spectral transmittance, Clarity (C%) - Only for HM-300c CIE Lab, LCh, CIE Luv, XYZ, Yxy, , Hunter...

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