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Colorimeters CP series - 2

CP series portable colorimeters are economical devices for color measurement. Support 30 kinds of colorimetric parameters and 26 types of light sources. Touch display and compatibility with ColorQC software makes daily measurements simple and fun. 30+ measurement parameters 26 types of illuminants 3Color® CP-series colorimeters support 26 types of illuminants and over 30 measurement parameters such as Whiteness index (WI), Yellowness index (YI), Blackness Index (My, dM) and many other colorimetric parameters. SCI/SCE CP series devices support both SCI, and SCE mode, using physical ligh trap...

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Colorimeters CP series - 3

UV light and sample viewing camera The CP-200 model has been additionally equipped with a UV light for measurement fluorescent materials, as well as a sample viewing camera to help you make more precise measurements. Portable Color Charts database Connecting to Color App allows you to create or use Color Charts. The database available in the mobile application allows to find similar colors easier and faster. New color can be showed to the customers through visualization of the product directly from mobile app. Cloud database Individual users can submit color data to the cloud and share them...

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Colorimeters CP series - 4

d/8 (diffused illumination, 8° viewing), SCI (Specular Component Included) SCE (Specular Component Excluded) Measuring geometry Inter-instrument agreement Color spaces and indices Illuminants Chromaticity value: Average: dE*ab ≤ 0.03 (when a white tile is measured 30 times at 5-seconds interval) Chromaticity value: Average: dE*ab ≤ 0.04 (when a white tile is measured 30 times at 5-seconds interval) Illumination area / Aperture Option: MAV: Φ8 mm / Φ11 mm (safety glass) Option: MAV: Φ8 mm / Φ11 mm (safety glass) Reflectance, CIE-Lab, CIE-LCh, Hunter Lab, CIE-Luv, XYZ, Yxy, RGB, Color...

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