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Spectrophotometers Neo 9000 & 9001 Spectrophotometers 3Color® Neo 9000 & 9001 are a NEW Top Quality products of 3Color® brand to measure the color. The 3Color® Neo 9000 & 9001 are starting the new era in professional color measurement. The auto-calibration function reduces the time necessary to perform a measurement.* For reflectance and transmittance measurement Measurement in reflectance and transmittance is available in one device. The spectrophotometers have a complete set of measuring area for the reflectance in the range of 0.3 cm – 3.00 cm, and a wide space for measurements in...

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Colorimetry The devices have a wide selection of colorimetric parameters such as color spaces, systems of colorimetric equations, indexes, types of lighting, etc. Spectro-Color QC software Spectrophotometers work with Spectro Color QC software. The program allows you to extend the capabilities of the device through additional indexes and colorimetric spaces, data archiving and the possibility of printing or making a presentation. Camera view on sample The spectrophotometers are equipped with a sample preview camera that allows the material to be viewed in real time. With the camera you can...

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Measurement conditions Reflected light measurement: de/di: 8° (scattered light / viewing angle 8°); Transmittance: di/de:180° (diffuse lighting / viewing angle 180° complete or diffuse transmission) Simultaneous measurement in SCI / SCE modes, compliance with standards: ISO 7724, DIN 5033 Teil7, JIS Z8722 condition C, CIE No.15, ASTM E1164. Integrating sphere size Spectral range Spectral interval Photometric range Light source UV measurement Measuring apertures Inter instrument agreement Illuminants Data presented on the display Xenon flash lamp Xenon flash lamp + LED Included UV, shut-off...

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