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Wrapping of heating cord is made by winding a spiral resistant wire twisted aroundfibre glass support. Common resistant wires used for this purpose are made of cupro- nickel alloys or chroma-nickel alloys.An heating cord allows to get both high resistance value, good flexibility and realstrength, which could not be obtained with a single resistant wire. > optional tinned copper thermoplastic rubber resistant wire twisted fibre braid insulation glass support APPLICATIONS - making of heating cables, heating mats, heating panels and heating clothes forfreezing and air-conditioning industries and various industries, - cold room door framing cables (from 15 to 20 W/m), - cold room evaporator de-icing cables (from 30 to 35 W/m), - refrigerating cabinet de-misting (20 W/m for static cabinets 30 W/m forventilated cabinets). TECHNICAL DATA - resistance value : up to 30.000 /m 10% - standard diameter : - without tinned copper braid : 2.6mm 0.1mm - with tinned copper braid : 3.2mm 0.1mm - max. output : 35 W/m - max. voltage : 400V - max. exposure temperature (power off) : 150 ְC - optional tinned copper braid - standard insulation : thermoplastic rubber - other insulation : PVC or silicone rubber insulation on requestDOC0358A >

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