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B50 GAS BOTTLE HEATER Description B50 gas bottle wrap on heater is a flexible and watertight heating panel coated with 2 plastic fabrics : an heating red face and an insulated blue face. This gas bottle heater is able to warm up and maintain gas bottle up to 45° max temperature, by C compensating the bottle cooling down due to gas expansion, and thus to avoid the pressure fall which prevents gas from flowing out the bottle. Heater has 2 heating sections which are regulated separately : 1 upper section and 1 lower section ; as a result, these 2 different sections allow to compensate heat losses of the bottle according to its filling level : this is a safe and ready to use device. It is built with stainless eyelets and elastic quick fastening on top, and its side fastening with gripping belts allows to keep the flexible heater wrapped closely around the bottle, and so to get a perfect heat exchange between heating panel and gas bottle. Advantages B50 gas bottle wrap on heater covers the full cylinder of the bottle, making homogeneous and soft warming up and avoiding over-heating. Thanks to the insulated face, heat losses are greatly lowered. Technical data 0.8m mm Outside dimensions Degree of protection 400 W 230 V 3m Heigth = 1.45 m Width = 0.80 m IP54 Upper section 1.45 m Output Voltage Main supply cord length Lower section DOC0502A BP 14 – P.A de la Vallée Yart – F -78640 ST-GERMAIN-DE-LA-GRANGE (France) – Tél. 33 1 34 91 04 04 – Fax 33 1 34 89 38 18 – info@aaatelec.com SAS au capital de 252 360 € - Siret 328 478 631 00034 – APE 297 A – N°TVA : FR04328478631

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