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pour product savings Unique packaging at the best price Clipping Crate is a high-quality and easy to handle reusable box model with an exclusive side joint system using staples. International patent belonging to Encaja Embalajes. Manufacturing of standard or customised measurements both regarding dimensions and thicknesses of materials, together with a unique damaged part replacement service. It makes the most of the space when dismantled and a single person can assemble, disassemble and close it without the need for tools: It is ready with a simple click. This novelty has been created to satisfy your needs for a long time or, if preferred, for one use only. Four convincing reasons 1. Its quality/price ratio is the best in the market. 2. Opening along any of its sides reduces the time, effort and risk of injuries and accidents during loading and unloading. 3. As the volume is minimised when dismantled, this benefits the logistics process and allows for savings with regard to transport, storage, stock and dispatch costs. 4. Also, if the Clipping Crate is destined for reuse, it will imply serious money savings and its useful life will be extended even further thanks to the damaged part replacement service. Guarantee: We are backed by over 70 years of experience. Economic: Quality at the best price in the market. Recoverable: Reusable and returnable. R&D: Packaging engineering, made-to-measure solutions. Light and robust: Light but extremely rigid box, providing great protection and resistance. Innovative design: An added value differentiating it from its competitors. Impermeability: Good protection against rain and sea water. Ergonomic: Easy inspection and fast, convenient and safe handling. Disassembled: Minimising storage and transport space. Standardised: Dimensions optimised for Euro Pallets, trailers and containers. Stackable: With skids for lifting. Easy: Assembly, disassembly and closure by a single person and without tools. Customisable: Measurements, resistance and markings (text, logos, signs, etc.) Exportable: With the ISPM15 stamp for international trade. Ecological: It cares for the environment. No residues are generated. Autonomy: Provides independence and immediate solutions in shipments. Innovation: Patented side-joining system using staples. Unique: Damaged part replacement service. Investment: With its recovery, rather than an expense it is an investment for the future.

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