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SINGLE POINT STIRRERS INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS | WELL-PROVEN CONCEPTS MULTIPLE STIRRERS SUBMERSIBLE SINGLE POINT STIRRERS SUBMERSIBLE MULTIPLE STIRRERS CONTROL UNITS FOR MIXDRIVE HEATABLE STIRRERS STIRRING HOPLATES 100% wear-free Made for permanent operation STIRRING HEATING BLOCKS 1 ml up to 1,000 litres Up to 96 stirring points Submersible magnetic stirrers Heat resistance up to +200 °C CELL CULTURE STIRRERS CONTROL UNITS FOR BIOMIXDRIVE CELL CULTURE STIRRERS FOR INCUBATORS Customized stirrers on request 3 years warranty Made in Germany MICROTITER PLATE STIRRERS CONTROL UNITS FOR MIXDRIVE MTP SPECIALIZED STIRRERS magnetic emotion atexMIXdrive + atexMIXcontrol cleanroom LARGE VOLUMES ACCESSORIES FOR INDUSTRIAL STIRRERS 2mag AG Schragenhofstrasse 35 I-K 80992 Munich Germany MIX 1 XL STIRRING BARS 100% maintenance-free| 100% wear-free | Made in Germany magnetic emotion

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