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2KM //W WJKM.ORG 2 KOMPONENTEN MASCHINENBAU METERING AND MIXING SYSTEMS PCM Lamint LF Servo-hydraulically actuated 2C Metering Unit forthe Processing of solvent-free PUR Lamination adhesives

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*CMlQmmatif2K + lK Vemotccontrot Unit for the processing of solvent-free 2C PUR lamination adhesives.The metering is effected especially of chop-check pumpsdirectly from the 2001 vats.Output, pressure and mixing ratio are controlled and adjusted automatically. AII data are documented byan integrated printerand recorded without interruption with date and time. Technical Data Thermoprinttr free-fiowing 300 -1,000 g/min (depending on the viscosity and mixing ratio) VC Mixing Ratio continuous, from 1:6 to 6:1 Material Heating: Water heatingdevice (Material temprature upto 80*C) Consumption /...

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