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Modular Microliter Pump

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The micropump is a modular unit. In applications that require stringent hygienic controls, pumpheads can be disposed after use. The pumpmotor and gearbox can be re-used after easy exchange of the pumpheads. Another advantage of the modular construction makes it possible to define a wider selection of motors to fit the application. Application areas • • • • • Medical technology Pharmaceuticals Diagnostics Biotechnology Analytic Different industrial applications are also possible. 2E is a company working in the interdisciplinary field of mechatronics and produces components and systems for the following sectors: • Automotive • Industrial electrics • Medical technology • Automation Our core competencies include MID-technology, mass production of precision injectionmoulded housings with inserts, electrical connectors as well as systems for sensor and microfluid technology. Keep up to date and request an evaluation kit. The kit offers the possibility to test the pump for four weeks free of charge. It is possible, to customize the kit for the respective application. The kit includes a second fluidic part and a power supply. 2E mechatronic GmbH & Co. KG narr group Maria-Merian-Str. 29 73230 Kirchheim unter Teck Telefon: +49 (0) 7021 9301–0 Photos: Thinkstock, iStockphoto, Panthermedia The pumpmotor turns the pumprotor which in turn moves the medium contained in the tubes. The transport can pump in 2 directions. Tube diameter can be tailored to deliver required volumes. Pump concept allows homogeneous and bubble free delivery of mediums. Layout: Wolfgang Strobel · Werbung & Kommunikation · 72622 Nürtingen The micropump system has been developed specifically for use in medical applications. A typical area is the transfer of nutrients for growing cell-cultures. The pumpsystem can handle up to 10 channels in parallel to convey as many different nutrientsolutions. Modular Microliter Pump Peristaltic concept 2 to 10 parallel channels Exchangeable pumpheads

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Technical data Advantages of the 2E microliter pump To transfer gasses or fluids in diagnostics applications, the typical pump selection is a membrane pump. These pumps are compact, are inexpensive and have a relatively long lifetime. On the other hand this pump concept has a number of weaknesses that can prevent use in various applications. The pumpaction is not bi-directional and has a low suction or back-pressure characteristic. Moreover, the back-pressure valves are fragile, give rise to dead-volume and generate pulsating flows. Alternative is the peristaltic concept which provides a...

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