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2E Housing Technology

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Micro Systems for Industry range includes high-precision injection moulded housing, clination sensors as well as Resulting from the consistent ducts are being used in the automobile industry, medi- Emerging from our involve- ment in numerous research manufacturing technologies mentally friendly working methods as well as an inte- grated energy concept are of In order to achieve these, we improving our work processes Similarly, social commitment ranks very high with 2E mecha- tronic. Training and education promoted through the Narr flat management hierarchy and professional team work narr group Housing Technology automatic - efficient - precise

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We manufacture high- preci- sion injection mouldedhousing suitable for inserts such as bushings and pins with press-fit areas, at a specially built, fully automatic production facility. Naturally, even after series start we provide an ongoing collaboration in all areas such quired during the develop- ment phase, consequently, cost of subsequent moulds. Our High Quality Standard turing large volume batches of high quality housing is evident of housing for rotation rate (ESP®) and side airbag sensors. production process: 1. Metal parts such as bushings inserted into the injection meability,...

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