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Automate backgauge movement on any size paper cutter microcut PLUS WS moves the backgauge into correct position faster and more accurately than skilled manual operation. The confidence of computer-controlled precision translates into significant increases in productivity - often 50% and more. A full-color, 12” wide format touch screen display guides the operator, with all operations presented in an intuitive, easy-to- understand format. Setup is fast and simple, with no complicated codes to memorize or reference. The system frees the operator from the wasted time and risk of error associated with repetitive data entry. Its ability to automatically program a job while cutting the first lift turns setup time into production time, making automation effective for even two and three lift jobs. The entry and review of programs is quick and easy. Advanced programming options include label and sheet divide, allowing complicated jobs to be programmed with only a few data entries, with screen graphics further simplifying the process. Fractions, lay changes, additions, or deletions can be easily entered through the keyboard. Non volatile memory insures data is never lost. Plus WS exclusive features include: • Network connection and a USB port for data exchange and software updates. It also serves as an inexpensive medium for storing job data. • microcip® PIA/GATF InterTech Technology Award winning software allows the importation and conversion of standardized CIP/JDF files into cutting programs. • microfacts®, the industry's first real time automatic data collection system for paper cutters, captures information relative to the job and machine for downloading to a PC. • cutternet® allows one or more cutters to be networked for data exchange or programming. 1260 Holm Road • Suite C Petaluma, CA 94954 Phone: 707.776.4500 Fax: 707.776.4555 info@microcutsystems.com A Colter & Peterson Company

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Model Features: • 12” wide format touch screen display • microcip® software for CIP/JDF capability. • Virtually unlimited memory capacity • microfacts® for data collection • USB port for data exchange and software updates • cutternet® for network compatibility Microcut PLUS WS Standard Features: • For all size paper cutters • Graphic interface • Windows® based operating system • Modular, solid-state circuitry • Microprocessor-controlled, infinitely variable backgauge drive • Repeatability of backgauge position to +/-.002 inches (.05 mm) • Measurements in inches, centimeters,...

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