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Coded Non Contact Saftey Switch ZCODE-LC
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Coded Magnetic Safety Switch ZCode -LC User Information English translation ZCode-LC is a coded tamperproofed magnetic safety switch with transistor output. It is simple to install, IP67 dust- and waterproofed and has no moving or touching parts. Anything other than the ZCode actuator will not trigger the switch. In combination with a dual channel ZANDER safety relay or ZANDER safety PLC the switches are selfmonitoring with short-circuit protection. • Coded sensor with switch indication LED • 2 non-contact safety outputs • Easy to install • Wide tolerance to guard misalignment • Protection IP67 • Safety categorie 4 - for single connection to a ZANDER safety relay • Upt to PL e, Kat. 4 according to EN ISO 13849-1 • For applications with high protection and hygiene requi- rements, e.g. food industry • High operational life without moving or touching parts Coded magnetic non contact safety switches ZCode are designed to interlock hinge, sliding or removal guard doors (see Fig. 1). The outputs of the ZCode will be switch off, if the guard door is opened. The connected safety relay will open the safety contacts immediately. The ZCode safety switches have a magnetic sensing system which provides a wide (> 10mm) sensing distance and provides a high tolerance to misalignment after sensing. They can be fitted behind stainless steel fittings and can operate from 4 directions even in extreme environments of temperature and moisture. Fig. 2 Block diagram Fig. 1 Application Safety Precautions Electrical Connection M4 mounting bolts must be used to fix the switches and actuators. Tightening torque for mounting bolts to ensure reliable fixing is 2Nm. Always mount on to Non Ferrous materials. The recommended setting gap is 5mm. The safety switches must not be used as a mechanical stop. The actuators must not be allowed to strike the switch. An adjustment by striking with a hammer is inadmissible. Do not mount adjacent switches or actuators closer than 30mm. Typical misalignment tolerance after setting is 5mm in any plane. • Installation and commissioning of the device must be performed only by authorized personnel. • Observe the country-specific regulations when installing the device. • The electrical connection of the device is only allowed to be made with the device isolated. • The wiring of the device must comply with the instructions in this user information, otherwise there is a risk that the safety function will be lost. The installation of all ZCode - safety switches must be in accordance with a risk assessment for the individual application. For monitoring the ZCode switches, the two redundant outputs must be connected to a safety emergency stop relay (e.g. ZANDER SR“C“) or a dual channel connection has to be made with the inputs of a safety PLC. Fig. 3 5mm misalignment tolerance after setting • It is not allowed to open the device, tamper with the devi- ce or bypass the safety devices. • All relevant safety regulations and standards are to be observed. • The overall concept of the control system in which the device is incorporated must be validated by the user. • Failure to observe the safety regulations can result in death, serious injury and serious damage. Colour red blue black white yellow green Signal operating voltage,24V operating voltage,GND safety contact 1, NC safety contact 1, NC safety contact 2, NC safety contact 2, NC orange brown auxiliary contact AUX, NO auxiliary contact AUX, NO B03 H. ZANDER GmbH & Co. KG • Am Gut Wolf 15 • 52070 Aachen • Germany Tel +49 (0)241 9105010 • Fax +49 (0)241 91050138 • •

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Coded Magnetic Safety Switch ZCode -LC User Information When connecting one ZCode to a ZANDER emergency stop safety relay the highest Performance Level PL e, cat. 4 will be achieved. However, it is also possible to connect up to 6 sensors to one safety relay „SRC“ (up to PL d, safety category 3). For recognizing possible single faults each door should be opened and closed individually. Fig. 5 Single connection of a ZCode to one ZANDER SR“C“ (category 4, PL e) Fig. 6 Connecting up to 6 ZCode in series to one ZANDER SR“C“ (safety category 3, PL d) Commissioning Procedure Note: The items listed under...

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Coded Magnetic Safety Switch ZCode -LC User Information Maintenance Monthly: Check alignment of actuator. Check switch case and wiring for signs of mechanical damage. Every 6 month: Check each switch function and each door (see Installation). Check that the machine stops and cannot be re-started when each switch is open. Never repair any switch, actuator or integral cables. Replace any switch displaying signs of mechanical damage to casing or cables. The device is otherwise maintenance free, provided that it was installed properly. What to Do in Case of a Fault? Device does not switch on: • Check...

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Coded Magnetic Safety Switch ZCode-LC User Information Switch ZCode-LC Actuator ZCode-LC Versions Order No. 940142 ZCode-LC, M12 connector, 2NC, polyester, incl. actuator Order No. 940144 ZCode-LC, 5m cable, 2NC/1NO, polyester, incl. actuator Order No. 940145 ZCode-LC, M12 connector, 2NC/1NO, polyester, incl. actuator Product Group: Safety switches Die Produkte stimmen mit den Vorschriften folgender Europaischer Richtlinien uberein: The products conform with the essential protection requirements of the following European directives: Low voltage switchgear directive Machinery directive (valid until...

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