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Mechanical forming machines - 5 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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Metal forming Zame presses Trademark of quality and advanced technology entirely built in Italy. These mechanical presses are the result of a long experience in the field and above all the application of the ZAME know how. They distinguish themselves for their high precision in the production and assure the customer with a considerable quality batch production. long durability of the die tool The customer, in order to achieve his satisfaction, is followed step by step by our experienced engineers during all the process. Spare parts and after sale service reduced maintenance costs Granted precision...

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I Four pieces structure assembled by preloaded tie rods I Built with welded and annealed plates, our presses guarantee a great stiffness and the total absence of | Automatic stroke change | The highly resistant and surface hardened iron shaft, is housed into bronze bushes with very low clearance. | Slide with 8 guides and longitudinally and transversally adjustable clearances. | Flywheel and epicycoidal reduction gear with contained clearances High quality trade components High stiffness, compactness and granted parallelism Its peculiar structure, the frame construc- tion and the parts' centering...

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CS = Tonnage Control MS = Die-Tool Brackets CE = Die Cushions 8 guides DS = Hydraulic Overload ST = Mobile Bolster FI = Hydraulic Clutch BS = Die-Tool Hydraulic Blocking System LF = Thermal Control for Lubricating System ZAME INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. – Via Bonifacio da Modena, I - 22100 Como, 0039.03152305 – 0039.031526610, zame@zameinternational.com, www.zameinternational.com

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Presses' construction realizes costumised presses Quick balanced presses Quick non-balanced presses Geared presses Special presses every brand or weight with andvanced control Spare parts production Occasion machineries

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