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MQ60, MQ120, & MQ140 CNC Quill Feed Units - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Vertical sta. spindle motor behind the unit MQ60, MQ120, & MQ140 CNC Quill Feed Units Adjacent MQ140 Vertical 10 HP Stations Shown with ABS40 spindle noses Standard Features The MQ-120 & 140 unit are ball screw actuated variable feed, quill type machining units. They are ideally suited for single or multiple spindle applications on all types of metal removal machinery. The unique arrangement of few moving parts in a compact assembly provides for versatility of application and minimal maintenance in operation. Each unit features a large 4.250” dia. hardened and ground quill which carries the spindle assembly and the ball screw nut. The excellent quill bearing area, combined with the ball screw centerline thrust design, provide for extreme stability throughout the unit stroke. A CNC servo motor drives the ball screw and controls all functions of rapid traverse and feed. The flexibility of this drive is evidenced by the many cycles that can be easily obtained with the available control options , such as multi-stage feed, back feed, pulse feed (chip breaking), gap jumping, peck feed, and rigid CNC tapping thru synchronization of the feed and spindle motors. Standard, quick-disconnect proximity switches control the home position and over-travel limits. Internal bumper cushions mechanically protect the unit from over travel damage in both directions. Standard Controls Horizontal sta. Spindle motor over the unit Approx. weight with motors 560 lbs. (254 kg) stations. The dual axis controls apply to both drilling and tapping operations or combination drilling and tapping cycles for use with combination drill/taps (draps). Standard CNC rigid tap cycles include left or right hand threads and inch or metric pitch. All cycles are stored as subroutines in system memory and recalled thru PLC or HMI interface (multi-tasking). MQ120 & 140 Specifications Stroke Thrust Capacity Rapid Traverse Rate Feed rates Depth control (linear position) Spindle noses Integral collets—ER25 thru ER40 ASA Standard—1.062” thru 1.875” I.D. bore ABS 40 thru ABS 63 HSK 40 thru HSK 63 Spindle speed Single axis CNC control components or preengineered systems are available from 5 to 10 HP Spindle torque 1,300 in. lbs. (147 N-m) for drill stations. Dual axis, CNC control components or complete systems are available for tapping * Thrust capacity with multi-spindle drill head

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Engineering Information MQ60 Units

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Engineering Information MQ120 & MQ140 Units

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MQ60, MQ120, & MQ140 CNC Quill Feed Units MQ120 with thru the spindle coolant Feed axis AC servo Thru the spindle high pressure coolant assembly with Deublin rotary coupling and THK spline bearing support shaft Shown with 10HP vector drive spindle motor with encoder MQ140 unit with coolant fed drill and ASA shank adapter with rotary coolant gland Shown with ABS Quick change, thru the tool coolant, collet holder Vertical MQ60 CNC rigid tap station with 96 spindle multi-head Standard 10 HP Drill / tap MQ60-140 CNC Production Machine with quick-change multi-head Phone 216-731-0500 Fax 216-731-8591...

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