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Model 100 AIR / OIL UNITS - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Operating mechanics Speed chart Engineering layouts Price list E-views Multi-spindles / units Model 100 air / oil Quill Feed Units Model 100 unit shown with foot mount bracket & ER25 spindle nose Model 100 unit shown with universal column & ER25 spindle nose Zagar model 100 units: Spindle noses are configurable with single angle standards, JT tapers, ASA bores, over-spindle Air-operated, electric motor driven, production drilling unit manufactured and assembled at Zagar quick-change adapters, ABS or HSK standards, and flange mounts for multiple spindle drill Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. Designed for automatic, precision hole making operations that include drill- heads. Spindle travel limits are set using quickdisconnect proximity switches. Unit is lubricated ing, counter sinking, counter boring, spot-facing, reaming, deep hole peck drilling. Standard cycle with long lasting synthetic grease for minimum includes both rapid and controlled feed. Length of maintenance. Protective plexi-glass shield prorapid and feed segments are adjustable. Feed rate is vided over feed cylinder and positive stop. adjusted and controlled using a self-contained, conModel 100 Specifications stant velocity, hydraulic feed cylinder. Feed cylinder is dual shaft mounted with a linear support ball Stroke 4” (100mm) bearing to eliminate quill deflection under load. Quill feed is air actuated by a double-acting piston Thrust Capacity 337 lbs. @ 100 PSI air pressure for 4” (100mm) of travel. Spindle is involute spline driven with dual angular contact precision Quill Diameter 1.968” (49.99mm) bearings at the spindle nose. It also includes a mid Rapid Traverse -unit ball bearing for extended radial load capacity 300 I.P.M. (7.6 M.P.M.) Rate and reduced spline wear. T.I.R. of spindle rotation .50—20 (in./min.) is within .0005” (.013mm) Full depth is controlled Feed rates (13 to 500 (mm / min.) by a positive stop assembly on the center line of the quill to prevent deflection. Positive stop features a Depth control Adjustable positive stop worm shaft and gear for micrometer adjustment of end depth position . Spindle rotation is electric Integral collets—ER16 thru ER40 motor driven by US, NEMA, T.E.F.C., 3PH, ASA Standard—.750” , .875”, 208/230/460 VAC, motors available as 1/2, 3/4, and 1.062”, .16mm, 20mm, Spindle noses 28mm I.D. bore 1HP standards. Extensive range of configurable ABS 40 output speeds are available using timing belts, pulHSK 32 leys, and an adjustable belt tensioner. Unit is sealed for operation in any orientation with standard foot Spindle speed 570 to 6,900 RPM max. mount bracket or universal, column assembly. HP 1/2, 3/4, & 1 HP . Zagar Inc. 24000 Lakeland Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 44132

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start animation Operating mechanics - Model 100 Air/Oil Quill Feed, Drilling Unit Dual angular contact brgs. Full depth Linear ball bushing Air actuated rapid advance & retract Interchangeable spindle noses - shown with ER25 single angle collet & nut Worm shaft & gear micrometer adjustment \JHydraulic feed control cylinder Dual shaft mount of feed cylinder bracket eliminates piston and quill deflection Timing belt & pulley drive with adjustable belt ten- sioning idler assembly. Click for Model 100 speed Output Speed One handed tool change demo. Click to run video Shown with quick-change single...

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Model 100 Quill Feed Unit Click to download 2D CAD template Zagar Inc. 24000 Lakeland Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 44132

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Zagarlnc. 24000 Lakeland Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 44132 216-731-0500 E-mail: Pg. 4

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vertical drill Adjustable unit (10.31mm) thru Adjustable angle column height Full depth positive stop Zagarlnc. 24000 Lakeland Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 44132 216-731-0500 E-mail: Pg. 5

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Quill Feed Units Click on either 3-D graphic for e-view (measure enabled) If you do not have the eDrawings Viewer installed, download it free from: <http:// Pricing spread Turn-key 5 Spindle drill station with multi-head, suspended bushing plate, linear support rails, & Model 100 unit spindle drill stations Model 100 air/oil Quill Feed Units Zagarlnc. 24000 Lakeland Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 44132 216-731-0500 E-mail: Pg. 6

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