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High Speed, CNC Tapping Machine & Automatic Parts Feed System - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

High Speed, CNC Tapping Machine & Automatic Parts Feed System ne of Zagar Inc.’s product lines, is high speed, CNC tapping machinery and auto. parts feed systems. The Zagar tapping machine presented here, is an unattended, fully automatic production system for machining precision threads in mass produced aerospace fasteners. This system features automatic material handling, broken tool detection, and a Zagar MQ150 ball screw actuated CNC unit for tapping any left or right hand, inch or metric pitch thread. The parts shown are stamped steel, aerospace fastener locknuts. The ID thread is a class 3B # 10-32. The basic machine is a slant bed standard that features an MQ150 unit with the spindle axis servo motor mounted in-line with the spindle to minimize inertia and enable less than .5 second tap cycles. The two axis, AC servo, motion control system is a Zagar standard fully programmed for tapping, drilling, or combined drilling and tapping operations. A vibratory feeder bowl system, bulk hopper feeder, and auto. load / unload fixturing enables unattended operation. Tapping # 10-32 class 3B thread in stamped aerospace fastener locknuts Locknuts are auto. positioned mechanically at the tap station and pneumatically ejected to a parts bin. After each cycle, a wand type tool detector checks for a broken tool at the tip of the tap. Tapping lubricant is metered to as little as a half drop per cycle and mixed with a sequenced air blast to both apply coolant and clear chips from the work area. Zagar Inc. 24000 Lakeland Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 44132

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High Speed, CNC Tapping Machine & Automatic Parts Feed System Page 2 The tool holder is a quick-change standard with .07” radial float. Taps can be interchanged in seconds using only one hand. The tapping cycle is a precision CNC emulation of the required thread pitch (rigid tapping). The automatic load / unload fixture featured doweled datum positions for systematic change-over and processing either of the two locknut variations. In turn, two inter-changeable feed track sub-assemblies are supplied on separate bases with a precision quick-change inter-lock system for re-aligning the feeder bowl...

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High Speed, CNC Tapping Machine & Automatic Parts Feed System Page 3 MQ150 CNC The tapping unit is a Zagar MQ150 ball screw actuated quill feed unit with an inline, low inertia spindle motor mount. This standard configuration of the MQ150 unit and it’s control system have been used in production to synchronize with stamping operations at production rates as high as 240 parts a minute or 4 cycles per second. Drill / Tap Unit Configurations (click on graphic for e-view) 4 Spindles on Hi-Speed, multiple spindle, CNC tapping In this example a Zagar, gearless, 4 spindle tapping head and a vertical,...

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High Speed, CNC Tapping Machine & Automatic Parts Feed System Page 4 The turn-key 4 spindle tap stations included vertical columns and supporting hardware for accurately suspending the tapping spindles over the work station on a dial index production machine. The pre-engineered motion control system is Ethernet ready and features a touch screen HMI interface with stored programs for tapping left or right hand, inch or metric pitch threads. Programs for drilling or combination drilling and tapping are also included with every Zagar CNC tap station. Machines are concepted and engineered by Zagar...

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