Bulletin for Generation 7 AC Drives - 20 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

LCD Operator for F7, G7, and P7 drivesLED Operator for V7, V74X, V7N drives.J7 Operator is similar Current and Voltage Harmonic Distortion at Drive Input(% of Fundamental) 3. >

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Easy to Install and Service > All Yaskawa drives have a split cover for easy access to thepower and control terminals. The power terminal compartmenteasily accommodates bend radius for cableconnections. Control wires are connected to a detachable terminal board for ease of installation and maintenance. Detachable cooling fans are easy to replaceand on/off fan control can extend operating life. Accumulated operation time and cooling fan run time are recorded and can be displayed for preventive maintenance programs. Start-up andconfiguration are simplified by the intuitive quick start programming...

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NEMAType 3R (Bypass) NEMAType 12 FVFF (18-Pulse Input) 5. >

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Textile Packaging Plastics & Rubber Pumping > P-jump WindersExtrudersTufting MachinesDye Pumps In-feed / Out-feedCase PackingBottling & CanningCarton Manufacturing ExtrudersBlow MoldingThermoformingInjection Molding Metering IrrigationChillersPositive Displacement Pulp & Paper Converting Air Handling Laundry > Paper MachinesDebarkersWindersSaw Mills CoatersLaminatorsSlittersFlying Cutters Supply and Return FansCooling TowersSpray BoothsDryers DryersExtractorsFoldersWashers Elevator Material Handling > Construction ElevatorsGeared ElevatorsGearless ElevatorsEscalators ConveyorsSortation PalletizersCoil...

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Generation 7 Drives range in horsepower from 1/8 to 500 HP. These AC drives incorporate the latest technological advancements andaward winning designs. Typically, the Generation 7 Drives have capabilities for popular network communications, the ability to acceptcustomer-specific or application-specific software, and are supported by software tools for parameter management. The following specifications are common to all Generation 7 Drives. > Adjustable S-curve accel/decel Copy keypad function Analog inputs: programmable, -10 to +10VDC or 4 to 20mA DC injection braking: at start or stop,adjustable,...

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DeviceNet Communication KitCM052DeviceNet Communication KitCM056 DeviceNet Communication KitCM057 DeviceNet Communication KitCM058 DeviceNet Communication KitCM059 Modbus TCP/IPCommunication KitCM090 Modbus TCP/IPCommunication KitCM091 EtherNet/IPCommunication KitCM092 EtherNet/IPCommunication KitCM093 LonWorks Communication KitCM048 Modbus Plus Communication KitCM071 Profibus DPCommunication KitCM061 Profibus DPCommunication KitCM067 RS-232 Modbus RTU Communication KitSI-232/J7 RS-485 Modbus RTU Communication KitSI-485/J7 Analog Input 3-15 PSI Transducer KitAI-010 Analog Input Kit (1 Input @...

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The 480V rated G7 drive, with its 3-level power section, can solvemajor installation and reliability problems found in today's industrial plants including: Motor winding failures caused by high surge voltages in longcable lengths between the motor and drive. Motor bearing failures caused by bearing currents (shaftvoltage). Instrument and measurement malfunction caused bycommon mode current (noise).The 3-level inverter has a circuit configuration consisting of 12 IGBTs (instead of 6) that facilitates access to the DC bus mid point. This topology is referred to as a neutral point clamped architecture....

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Rotational Auto-tuneThis is the preferred method for vector control performance and will yield the best data for all control modes. The motor must be uncoupled from the load for proper results. The motor will rotate with this method. The rotational Auto-tuning method must be used in the following cases: operation above the motor's rated speed, torque control, and the Open Loop Vector 2 control method in the G7 drive. > This support tool is a Windows-based PC program designed to make commissioning and troubleshooting of Yaskawa drives as simple as possible. The user-friendly DriveWizard exchanges...

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Yaskawa Electric America, Inc.2121 Norman Drive SouthWaukegan, IL60085800-YASKAWA(927-5292) Fax: 847-887-7310DrivesHelpDesk@yaskawa.com Bulletin BL.AFD.01 2007 Yaskawa Electric America, Inc. 1/1/07 >

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