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Extra Provisions for Ruggedness, Durability and Maintenance. And an Ecological Design.
Warm and Comfortable in the Cold.
Wide-Open Hood for Easy Maintenance.
The hood opens wide. Remove the hood and floor plate to view the power line from the engine to HST transmission at a glance. It is easy to service even those usually hard to reach areas.
Easy floor plate removal
A Large, Sturdy Counter-weight
Guards the Rear.
Damage to the rear is common in loader work. The rear, including turn signals, is securely protected by a large cast iron counter-weight. It is safe, sturdy and strong.
Deluxe ROPS cabin
A large cabin for a spacious operating environment and a wide view through
curved glass window.
Heater and wiper equipped as standard.
(Ipnnfl^llpnt A Clean & Silent Engine
vicun that Complies with EPA Requirements.
New C&S Engine
Ultra Quiet Loader
Equipped with Yanmar's new TNV series engines, in full compliance with EPA regulations. These are the low exhaust engines for a more ecological age.
The quiet diesel engine becomes even quieter with sophisticated measures for shutting down and reducing noise. The result is an ultra quiet loader, friendly not only to the operator but to the whole community.
Overhead console with heater switch and cigarette
Fully-open rear window
Wheel Loaders V3-5A/V4-5A
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    V3m/V4 I Model view and working range YANMAR WHEEL LOADER D B E C A D : Canopy specifications D': Cabin...
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    User-Friendly Design for Easy Operation. Fine-tuning Boosts Efficiency, Two-Mode Control for Multiple Jobs. Everyone's a Skilled Operator Now....
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    A Spacious, Comfortable Operating Environment that Increases Operator Efficiency. Extra Safety Functions and Equipment. Single Lever Operation...
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