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PowerHV-Yangzhou Xinyuan Electric  company catalog
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Catalogue excerpts

mt: EriBwafflmiiaEEayixij'HK £3: 0514-8660 8766 / 8668 8088 f#J|: 0514-86601608 E-mail; yzxyac@yzxyec.com H&t: www.yzxyac.com YANGZHOU XINYUAN ELECTRIC CO,LTD. WuJIan Industrial Park, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province 225253 China Tel: +86 21 6181 2129    Fax: +8621 6181 2129*608 E-mail: sales@powerhv.com Website: www.powerhv.com

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COMPANY PROFILE Yangzhou Xinyuan Electric Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer specialized in the high voltage testing equipments. The company was established in January, 2004. Our engineers and management team have been in the field of the high voltage test equipments producing and R&D for over 30 years. In October, 2008, Yangzhou Power Electric Co., Ltd. was established as the subsidiary company with the brand “ POWERH V” for the international market. Xinyuan always pays special attention to research and development. We invite the famous experts from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi'an Jiaotong...

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Business philosophy Xinyuan plays an important role in the world's high voltage test market, not only because of its high-quality product and mordern production facilities ,but also because of it’s excellent workers, engineers and management team. spa, nmmMamtewtm. Xinyuan’s philosophy is to win the market by learning from the world's top brands, to be carefully detailed in production, to cooperate with partners, to improve technology and technics. The whole company makes all-out efforts to achieve our philosophy. ft, mm*,    irj, moot* *ir Xinyuan highlights credibility and responsibility. The...

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S£*WB COMPANY The company was established ,the first phase of construction completed and put into use 2005 Certified by ISO 9001 quality management system and finished below projects: 4000kV 600kJ impulse voltage generator, ordered by TWBB lOOOkV6000kVA variable frequency resonant system tor750kV GIS onsite test0 1500kV 2000kVA AC Test Transformer for Shandong Electric Power Research lnstjtute.(Firstly developed in China) £^MS09001J?ffl&fim    : t*^^a#Pg^H4000kV600kj;^S*ffi^il XZF-5000/1000$®Qil!gri^M^fc (ffl?750kV GISSMffi£&) T^mmmmDTON-2oooi3><woTWcmmm^m 2006 The second phase of construction...

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How can we keep the leading position in the high voltage test equipment market although technology develops so fast? The answer is not only for our high-quality equipment, but also for the heart and soul service including our consideration from our clients! The one-stop service solves all problems occured in high voltage test, and this can reduce the cost for the client as well, -teasim, aftH&Kpatim, We offer not only the customized equipments, but also completed, safe and effective solution for high voltage test. Each client has different requirements for testing, so we work out the most suitable...

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Based on people, technology advanced, quality to be the first priority,----all the above are for our brand "POWERHV" and the satisfaction of our clients ■ We provide the whole solution for the high voltage test according to our client’s requests in a short time. ■ We are good at protection devices of measurement systems which is designed after accurate calculation and reasonable layout. ■ The outer look and connections of our equipments between parts and components are designed to be optimum. ■ We provide test systems with the auto-test program and related software. ■    mmfcm ■ The test systems...

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quality mmmm MANAGEMENT Xinyuan strictly controls the quality in the process of production, complying to modern QM and ISO 9001 management system. All the core parts of our equipment are assembled in clean workshop. Some parts which from the third party companies are subject to our very strict inspections. Our suppliers for our procurement are the first-ranking companies with good reputation in China. All components and the whole systems are tested according to the international standards before delivery and export.

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AFTER-SALES HJSHIBS SERVICE We strive for keeping our test equipment running in optimum conditions. No matter where you are, once the equipment breaks down, we will try to solve your problems as soon as possible. The engineers will give suggestion after checking the problem. We will send engineer to your company for checking and repairing if necessary. mamas, We highly appreciate your feedbacks, this will push us to improve our test systems. ■ AC test transformer ■ AC resonant test system ■ Impulse voltage and current test system ■ DC test system ■ Variable frequency resonant test system ■ Onsite...

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AC TEST TRANSFORMER iMxmmwxmmmm AC Test Transformer with its critical component test transformer generates continuously adjustable AC test voltage. It is used to do AC voltage test; PD test and other researches on GIS, cables and accessories, instrument transformers, power transformers, high voltage circuit breakers, capacitive bushings, arrestors, porcelain and other electrical devices. If resistive current is required, AC test transformer is the only choice. This kind of test system is especially suitable for test when stable voltage is needed, though load changes during test (for example heavy...

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AC RESONANT TEST SYSTEM «grtS£9ttt« AC resonant test system is used in AC voltage test on field of SF6 circuit breakers, GIS, XLPE cables and other large capacity apparatus rating up to lOOOkV. Also it can be used as separate high voltage source in PD test of instrument transformers, coupling capacitors, zinc oxide arrestors rating up to lOOOkV. i^S^B±^ffl?1000KVSlUT%li^SF6®rSSi§, GISS^XLPE^«g^ftfc*;^M%*iS§fi<l5a

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IMPULSE VOLTAGE TEST SYSTEM »£«!£*£« Impulse voltage test system simulates lightening impulse, lightening chopping impulse and switching impulse voltage fPtliiSftrfiKlM^l/'te % waveforms with a wide range of voltage and energy. It is used to do impulse voltage test on various of electric    , 13nBi devices. Together with steep wave device, it can do steep    ($) ififrfSn® wave device on insulator (strings). The test system can be ixtl&o 3^tjaRTlU0S^^/ changed into impulse current generator to do residual voltage test on whole arrestors. Installation of such system is simple and last. It is suitable...

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