Heat Cycling Test System - 8 Pages

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Heat Cycling Test System
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Application Heat Cycling Test System is designed based on the testing theory of conductor induced current method and is mainly used for delivery test, type test and pre-qualification test of power cable and related accessories. The heating current is up to 8000A. We use special thermocouple to test the temperature of the test object. We can test the temperature of outer sheath, metal shielding layer and conductor of the cable and transmit the temperature signal to control & measuring system via optical fiber. The control & measuring system is in line with IEC 62067 and IEC 60840 standards. Paperless...

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1. Power source switch cabinet 2. Regulator for test loop 3. Reactive compensation device for test loop 4. Heating transformer for test loop 5. Measuring box for test loop 6. Regulator for simulation loop 7. Reactive compensation device for simulation loop 8. Heating transformer for simulation loop 9. Measuring box for simulation loop 10. Control and measuring system Control & measuring cable Power cable ■ Switch cabinet    □ HV cable connecting components ■ Voltage regulator    □ Current transformer ■ Reactive compensation device ■ Feed through transformer ■ Current transformer ■ Temperature...

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Technical Specifications Of Feed Through Transformer Rated input voltage Rated current Dimension    Window size    Weight Regulator This test system is often in long-time running, so it' s better to choose induction voltage regulator (non-contact regulation).

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Reactive compensation device Single phase LV automatic reactive compensation system is used for the compensation of inductive load which will decrease the input power of regulator. The system is based on IPC and PLC, the interface is as fig. 1:

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■ Parameter setting: cable iron core sectional area, current density, target temperature, number of cycle, time of temperature rise, cooling time. First we press the automatic start button to start heating; when the temperature increases to 90% of the target temperature (adjust the value onsite), the current will be adjusted to the set current automatically and continue the heating, at this time we start continuous temperature sampling periodically (adjust sampling time interval onsite). PLC will suggest current increase or decrease value on basis of the temperature change at each period of time...

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PLC control & measuring system PLC control & measuring system is used for control & measurement of the signals in simulation loop and testing loop. It displays the current of testing cable and simulating cable, also the temperature of core & surface of simulating cable. There is 0~5V signal from each display value for external computer. The heating time, cooling time and number of cycle can be set according to the requirement. There are two operation modes, manual and automatic which can be selected according to the requirement. And the theory is similar to IPC control & measuring system. The...

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I For further information please contact: /Yangzhou Xinyuan Bectric Co., Ltd Wujian industrial park Yangzhou city, China 225253

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