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Introduction DC high voltage test system is mainly used for the DC voltage testing and other scientific research and teaching experiment of arrester, HV DC cable, DC bushing, insulator, converter transformer, converter valve, hanging lines and accessories, generator and switchgear in electric power and electric transmission & transformation industry. rU Modularized structure ■ Stable output current, low voltage drop, small ripple factor ■ SCR automatic tracking and adjustment, keep the voltage of test object stable ■ Automatic polarity changeover I Automatic grounding system, high-level protection Control...

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Quality assurance We strictly control quality of equipment according to the requirement of IS09001 quality management certification standard. We have good environment of production and complete quality assurance system. There is good security protection technology in testing system to insure the security for testing personnel and equipment. Selection of capacitor and number of realized quickly by control system in System introduction DC high voltage test system uses AC voltage multiplication and rectification, stage is significant to the performance of DC generator. HV silicone stack uses hydraulic...

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For pollution test ■ Power source switch cabinet ■ Voltage regulating device ■ Charging transformer ■ DC voltage generator ■ Divider ■ Protective resistor ■ Control & measuring system ■ SCR automatic tracking device ■ Digital wide-range leakage current detecting & storing system ■ Grounding switch DC capacitor can be made in insulation shell type or metal tank structure, the insulation shell structure is suitable for stack-up to achieve voltage 200kV~2000kV and current 5mA~100mA. For metal tank type we need to use insulation support to stack up to achieve voltage 300~1600kV and current 100~2000mA...

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Technical Specifications: DC High Voltage Test System Rated voltage Loading current L DC High    /*Voltage Test System DC voltage test system Weight DC voltage test system (pollution test)

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Voltage regulator There are two kinds of voltage regulators. One is column type regulator which is kind of auto-transformer and controls voltage in continuous way. Sine wave of output voltage of this kind of regulator is good. Output voltage can be zero. Voltage regulation is smooth, continuous and linear. The impedance voltage can be limited to be very small. Noise made by the regulator during operation is low. Phase of input and output voltage is the same. Above points make column type voltage regulator perfect for high voltage testing. Another kind of regulator is contact type, structure and...

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Introduction ■ The core parts of control system for DC high voltage generator are industrial control computer, lower processor and actuator. Through the industrial control computer, it controls the system automatically and accomplishes fast signal analysis and processing. The use of the industrial controlled computer system permits future upgrade and expansion of the control and measuring system for the DC high voltage test system. It also provides a hardware foundation for building a laboratory information center. All components are made in line with industrial process standard which ensures...

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Lower processor control unit:    Main control unit based on 5.1 MCU processor Voltage withstanding strength of isolation unit    > 2500V/RMS, lmin Measurement accuracy of DC voltage & current; regulator voltage & current Sampling rate of DC voltage & current, regulator voltage & current measurement    16Bit, 100K/S Sampling rate of impulse measurement (combined tests)    100M/S Memory depth of impulse measurement (combined tests) Accuracy of impulse measurement    1M 12bit Digital channel of lower processor:    8 inputs, 8 outputs Hardware configuration Industrial control computer lunit: P4 2.0...

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1. Based on fiber LAN Control and detect signals of on-site main control system communicate with control computer via Photovoltaic isolation interface. It inspects 9 channels voltage and current signals from PT and CT, 11 channels of switch signals, and 3 channels of temperature signals. Meanwhile, in line with orders from the computer the system controls regulator, thyristor, HV silicon stack, grounding protection and other accessories. All inspection and control signals are strictly isolated from the main control system, to prevent interference from out high voltage interference. Console in...

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Zinc oxide voltage sensitive resistor Rel and Re2 are connected between live line and grounding, neutral line and grounding. Re3 is connected between live line and neutral line of the power source. The resistors suppress shot on loading RL by power voltage and surge current. Capacitors Cl - C4 connects voltage of grounding and power voltage, making line voltage and earth potential related, avoiding effect on power feeding from sudden change of earth potential. LC circuit suppresses power ripple and filters high frequency wave interference in the circuit. R1 - R4 is series connected to the circuit...

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There are 5 scales available for measurement, realizing instant current highly precise measurement to 1mA—90A at the first time. Sampling rate can be up to 500kpbs/s. Precise measurement of impulse wide only lOps is possible. Measurement scales can automatically switches in ns. Measurement precision in 1mA—50mA, 50mA—300mA, 300mA—1.5A, 1.5A—10A, 10A—90A is guaranteed. 2. Highly reliable fiber isolation measurement system At front of the measurement system there is ARM11 high speed data acquisition unit, simulation regulation circuit, power unit and fiber communication unit. The power source is...

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