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The cable termination requirement is very high for testing 66kV or above XLPE cables. Oil termination is to strengthen the insulation level of the dielectric and increase the field strength. But for 66kV or above 66kV XLPE cables, oil termination cannot meet the test requirements if only to increase the field strength; then we use water termination, the de-ionized water will make the electric field distribution average and meet the test requirement. CTT cable test termination used for MV, HV and EHV insulation cable test. It can meet the relevant requirement and standard; this test termination...

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CWD series de-ionized purifying water devices take the intelligent control system and user-friendly design; they make the system more stable and easier to maintain. This set of device equipped with cooling unit that used to distribute the heat produced during the test, and maintain pure water conductivity that meet test requirements. Advantages ■ Tube connection takes the quick connector. ■ Large capacity water tank ■ Automatic conductivity control ■ Convenient resin replacement ■ All parts corrosion-resistant ■ Radiator power 120kW ■ Remote operation function ■ Low noise Technical parameters...

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For further information please contact: /Yangzhou Xinyuan Bectric Co., Ltd Wujian industrial park Yangzhou city, China 225253

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