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Catalogue excerpts

3600kVA/1800kV Test Transformer Application AC test transformer system generates a continuously adjustable AC test voltage. It is used for GIS high-voltage switchgears, cables and accessories, instrument transformers, power transformers, high-voltage circuit breakers, coupling capacitors, capacitive bushings, surge arresters, insulators, electrical porcelains and other electrical components in AC voltage withstand, partial discharge test and other scientific research. When the high voltage test need to be provided a resistive current; AC voltage test system composed by AC test transformer is the...

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System Configuration The system consists of: Primary power supply side main components are switchgear and regulator; the regulator generates continuous adjustable voltage as the input power for AC test transformer. The main component of the AC transformer test system is the test transformer; contains a single test transformer or several transformers in series. For capacitive test object, at the low-voltage side (few at high-voltage side) equipped with compensating reactor. Harmonic filter can be placed at the low voltage side. Divider can be used for voltage measurement and partial discharge detection;...

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Insulated cylinder type: can be used in a single unit or cascaded, modular structure, easy to stack up. The insulated cylinder is made of epoxy reinforced glass fibers and filled with oil. Such a structure is suitable for indoor use, usually for short time operation (in accordance with IEC standard) at rated current. After running for the specified maximum time at certain current, the reactor needs to be cooled to ambient temperature, which means the usual pattern is intermittent operation. Metal tank type to be used as a separate reactor and the tank should be grounded. Such reactors can be placed...

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Regulator Usually there are two types of regulator, column type and inductive type. Column type is an autotransformer that voltage can be continuously regulating. It has a good output voltage sine waveform; the lower limit of the output voltage can be zero; regulator characteristic are smooth, continuous, linear; impedance voltage can be controlled in a small range; low noise operation, and the same phase between output voltage and input voltage, etc., is an ideal high-voltage test regulator. Structure and electromagnetic principle of inductive regulator is similar with winding type asynchronous...

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Povnt Finqtinmiy Tnat Eijtn|iBRnl Inmnirnannl anil Coni r Auto Track Vol(kV) Operation Interface W ■ Available of three control modes: manual control, semi-auto control, full-auto control; flexible '    control; easy to operate ■ Upper and lower processors are isolated by fiber; stimulating signals are optoelectronic isolated. Safety and stability of the console is guaranteed. ■ Double protection for software and hardware, ensuring safe operation of the system. ■ Every fault is noticed in word on the screen, which is clear and intuitive. ■ Data analysis function is able to analyze 100th harmonic. Real...

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Roct FcKBin AitUy.M Waveform display System setting

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Protection resistor Model

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