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Catalogue excerpts

Application The AC resonant test system generates a continuous variable AC voltage for testing HV capacitive object. Capacitive test object includes: wires and cables, capacitors, GIS combined equipment, generator set, capacitive instrument transformer etc. The variable inductance resonant test system can be used at 50Hz and 60Hz or even higher frequency. Because of its excellent sine waveform, the system is very suitable for the partial discharge measurement in high voltage AC voltage withstand test, The advantage of the variable inductance resonant test system is low power requirement, i.e....

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Chart of variable inductance series resonant test system □IC-TT □IE 1. Switch cabinet 2. Isolation transformer for main cricuit 3. Voltage regulator 4. Exciter transformer 5. HV Reactor 6. HV filter 7. Test object 8. Isolation transformer for control system 9. Power noise filter for control system 10. Control8iMeasuring system 11. Partial Discharge detector System CompositionOptiomil Accessories ■ Control and measurement system (manual or automatic) Switchgear cabinet    □ Regulator    □ Power filter    □ Exciter transformer    □ High voltage adjustable reactor    □ High voltage filter    □ Power...

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Design Description ■ The coil is mounted on the fixed frame. The place where the coil is installed on the frame is equipped with damping device, which effectively isolates coil from the vibration source to prevent the coil from deformation or displacement due to the long-term effect of the vibration. ■ The core is fixed with non magnetic-conductive screw and epoxy glue is filled between the metal sheets of the core to prevent noise caused by looseness. ■ The fixed core is fixed to a stainless steel frame, locked by a few stainless steel screw rods to ensure the coaxiality of the core stem. ■ The...

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Computer-aided Control and Measurement System The system is capable of both measurement and control, used for resonant test system. It is computer-aided, available of auto and manual control. The system can perform resonance tuning, test, protection, status display, measurement and other functions. Its measurement system takes use of 8-channel acquisition module, of high speed (100KHZ each channel) and high accuracy (16bit resolution), which ensures that it meets requirements of relative standards on waveform measurement. The measurement system is also capable of waveform save and record, testing...

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System Setting Of Control And Measurement System Functions Of Measurement System The measurement system transfers the stimulating parameters into digital data for subsequent analysis, display, save and off-line analysis. The system takes use of high speed high accuracy acquisition module which ensures the measurement precision. It is the basis of waveform analysis especially transient waveform analysis. Functions of measurement system listed as below: ■ Measurement of stimulating parameters; 100KHZ, 16bit resolution for each channel ■ Waveform record: record and display waveform parameters within...

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Note: *-can be used for cable test "T" means cylinder type.

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Note: -*Can be used for cable test. Rated Voltage For further information please contact: /Yangzhou Xinyuan Electric Co.. Ltd Wujian industrial park Yangzhou city, China 225253

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