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Yamamoto Ultra Large Rock Splitter - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Yamamoto Ultra Large Rock Splitter

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Yamamoto Ultra Large Rock Splitter The most efficient and safest way to excavate hard rock! Why use Yamamoto Ultra Large Rock Splitter? Explosives and large rock breakers are the common methods for excavation of hard rock. However, restrictions on blasting are increasingly strict and the use of rock breakers is not always feasible due to vibrations, noise restriction or because the rock is too hard. Yamamoto Ultra Large Rock Splitter is the best alternative to efficiently excavate large volumes of hard rock without blasting. The splitter can be mounted from a crane or a normal excavator for open...

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Drilling Drill the holes of Ø100 mm X 1.6 m depth for Yamamoto HRB-1000 splitter, or Ø125 mm X 2.5 m depth for HRB-1700 splitter using a large size hydraulic crawler drill or jumbo drill rig. We recommend drilling in a staggered pattern with 500 - 700 mm of spacing between holes for the HRB-1000 and 700 - 1000 mm for the HRB-1700, as illustrated in the diagram. Free Face Work process - Vertical applications HRB-1000 Distance (D) = 500~700mm Pitch (P) = 500~700mm Angle (Ф) = 45~90º HRB-1700 Distance (D) = 700~1,000mm Pitch (P) = 700~1,000mm Angle (Ф) = 45~90º Insert the wedge into the hole and...

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Work process - Horizontal applications Create a free face by drilling slots in the centre, bottom or periphery. Then drill split holes for the Yamamoto Splitter between the slots. Proper slot drilling involves drilling overlapping holes as bridges between the to holes to allow the rock to maintain its structural integrity. A special attachment on the jumbo boom may be required for slot drilling. The photo and drawing below exemplify some recommended drilling patterns. Use a splitter mounted on a customised carrier equipped with telescopic boom and rotator. Start splitting the holes closest to...

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Technical specifications Model Drill hole diameter Drill hole depth Splitting force Splitting distance Wedge diameter Hydraulic pressure (min/max) Split hole spacing Total solution for horizontal application YTB-1120 seamlessly integrates HRB-1000 with customised Hitachi EX120 that includes shorter arm, telescopic boom, side-angling, rotator and extra hydraulic function. The telescopic boom makes it easier to insert wedge set into splitting hole horizontally, while the rotator enables control of splitting direction.

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About Yamamoto Rock Splitter The history of Yamamoto Rock Splitter started back in 1915 when the late Mr. Shuichi Yamamoto first started manufacturing of rock drill spare parts in the mountain village of Tojo in central Japan. Over the years manufacturing expanded into rock drills, pneumatic drifters and hydraulic drifters. The drifters were supplied on contract basis to reputed rock drill manufacturers such as Atlas Copco and Ingersoll Rand. The first Yamamoto Ultra Large Rock Splitter was supplied in 1981. Since then, we have supplied over 200 splitters worldwide. In 2010, the international...

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