High Speed Data Networking Connector Systems for: CFP, QSFP+, SFP+ and YFLEX® - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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CFP HIGH SPEED CONNECTOR SYSTEM Yamaichi Electronics is an official supplier reviewer company within the CFP Multi-Source Agreement (MSA), and the leading company for high speed connector products. We are the first company which has been bringing these connectors into the global market. Complete solutions from connector to mechanical components are provided for CFP8, CFP4, CFP2, and CFP. SERIES OVERVIEW • All Yamaichi CFP series are designed in accordance with the Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) • CFP, CFP2, CFP4 for 100Gbps application • CFP2 56Gbps connector for 200Gbps application • CFP8 for 400Gbps...

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CFP4 - SERIES CN121-056 FEATURES •High speed transmission: 100G 28Gbps/ch x 4ch •Pitch: 0.6mm •Pin count: 56 pins • Dust cap for EMI protection is available PART NUMBER HOST CONNECTOR PART NUMBER MECHANICAL COMPONENTS CN121 Host (Surface Mount Type) G = Connector Cover C = Cage PART NUMBER PLUG CONNECTOR CN121P - 056 - 0004 No. of Contacts 1 = Quad Slot (MSA Standard) PART NUMBER HEAT SINK Series Plug (Straddle Mount Type) Series F = Heat Sink No. of Contacts 1 = Side-to-Side TEST FIXTURE FOR CFP4 APPLICATION - For CFP4 Host Board Development and High Speed Signal Compliance Testing Passive Breakout...

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CFP2 - SERIES CN121-104 FEATURES • Versions to transmit high speed: - 28Gbps/ch x 4ch = 100Gbps per slot - 56Gbps/ch x 4ch = 200Gbps per slot • 28Gbps and 56Gbps are compatible • Pitch: 0.6mm • Pin count: 104 pins • Dust cap & dummy module for EMI protection is available PART NUMBER MECHANICAL COMPONENTS CN121 PART NUMBER HOST CONNECTOR PART NUMBER PLUG CONNECTOR CN121P - 104 - **** G = Connector Cover C = Cage No. of Contacts 1 = Dual Slot (MSA Standard) PART NUMBER FOR HEAT SINK AND CLIP CN121 Series Plug (Straddle Mount Type) 0003 = 28Gbps 1003 = 56Gbps Series F = Heat Sink No. of Contacts...

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CFP - SERIES CA009 FEATURES • High speed transmission: 10Gbps/ch, (for 40Gbps /100Gbps ) • Pitch: 0.8mm • Pin count:148 pins • Heat sink with thermal interposer is available for efficient thermal dissipation PART NUMBER HOST CONNECTOR PART NUMBER MECHANICAL COMPONENTS CA009 Host (Surface Mount Type) 1201 = Guide Rail 1203 = External Bracket 1204 = Back End Plate 1400 = Host Connector Cover PART NUMBER PLUG CONNECTOR CA009 - P003 - 001 PART NUMBER HEAT SINK Series Plug (Straddle Mount Type) Series Heat Sink (MSA Standard) Long Heat Sink w. Thermal Interposer DAC (DIRECT ATTACHED COPPER CABLE) -...

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STYLE DEFINITION MECHANICAL KIT (STYLE B ONLY) 1} Product Type: 1 = EMI Elastomer Gasket 2 = Through Bezel (Spring Finger) FEATURES • Complies with W7SFF-8683 • Optional single or double light pipes • Heat sink with 3 different heights (4.2, 6.5 and 13.5mm) TEST FIXTURE FOR QSFP+ (STYLE B) Heatsink: 0 = No Heatsink 1 = With Heatsink (Height = 13.5mm) 2 = With Heatsink (Height = 6.5mm) 3 = With Heatsink (Height = 4.2mm) Light Pipe: 0 = No Light Pipe 1 = Single Light Pipe (Cut-out 02.11) 2 = Dual Light Pipe (Cut-out 02.11) 3 = Single Light Pipe (Cut-out 02.54) 4 = Dual Light Pipe (Cut-out 02.54) 5...

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SFP+ CONNECTOR The enhanced small form-factor pluggable (SFP+) connector is supporting data rates at 28Gbps. The design is in accordance with the Multi-Source Agreement (MSA). SFP+ - SERIES CN109 HOST CONNECTOR FEATURES • High Speed 28Gbps • Pitch: 0.8mm • Pin count: 20 pins • Compatible with existing SPF+ module • Fully compatible foot pattern with existing SFP connectors • Mechanical kit in planning PART NUMBER CN109S - 020 - O * 01 Series No. of Contacts Packing: 0 = 750 pcs. / Reel 1 = 100 pcs. / Reel Contact Plating 01 = 0.76µm Au YFLEX FEATURES • Available to transmit high speed in Gbps...

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TECHNICAL DATA ARE SUBJECT TO ALTERATION WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS    YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS    YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS Deutschland GmbH    Italia s.r.l.    GB Ltd. Concor Park    Centro Direzionale Colleoni    6 The Clockhouse BahnhofstraBe 20    Via Colleoni, 1    Stratton Park 85609 Aschheim-Dornach    Palazzo Taurus Ing. 1    Micheldever Germany    20864 Agrate Brianza (MB)    Hampshire SO21 3DP Italy    Great Britain E-Mail    info@yamaichi.de    E-Mail    sales@yamaichi.it    E-Mail    sales@yamaichi.co.uk

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