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Catalogue excerpts


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YAMAICHI AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS Based on our wide product variety Yamaichi Electronics offers many products which are dedicated to automotive applications. This means products which have a reliable design and functionality especially for the rough environmental and mechanical conditions in automotive use. Yamaichi Electronics is one of the few suppliers who is able to offer very different connector products. The range of products is going from non-ZIF connectors, like the Y-Lock Connector system, to connectors which can also match High Speed requirements. Further connectors for internal use are the...

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EUROPEAN DESIGN CENTER The European design center can offer any kind of customized connector solution. The final design respects all customer specific requirements and objectives. The product can be optimized and designed for production locations around the world. • About 70 engineers are working in the two design centers in Munich and Sousse (Tunesia) Molding Simulation Flow • Approximatley 400 designs are done per year • In average 12 patents are applied per year • Highest level of soft- and hardware is used, e.g. - 3D-CAD-constructions software Solid Works - FEM-calculation software (Finite...

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The Y-Lock connector family is combining a space saving and process securing design with smart and reliable technology. The connector system is designed for applications with tough requirements. Available now in two different generations the Y-Lock is able to fulfill a large spectrum of tasks in regard to mechanical, climatic and electrical specifications. Y-LOCK* PULLFORCE SPECIAL FEATURES • Non-ZIF Board-to-Cable system • FFC has just to be pushed in (push-lock) and can be pulled out (pullforce) without any further action • Quick and easy assembly •Poka-Yoke system • Pitches: 0.5 and 1.0mm •...

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INTERNAL CONNECTORS - BOARD-TO-CABLE Yamaichi Electronics offers a range of standard ZIF and non-ZIF connectors, which are fulfilling special requirements, e.g. for high speed transmission. All connectors conform to RoH2011/65/EU HF509 NON-ZIF TYPE This connector series is notable for its special space saving design with a height of only 2mm. The non-ZIF connector is providing a special side locking function. The shielding supports the EMI protection and ensures the transmission up to 5Gbps. FEATURES • Up to 5Gbps • Pitch: 0.5mm • Non-ZIF connector with side locking function • 10 pins, 90° • To...

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CABLES FFC AND FPC Our different ZIF/Non-ZIF connectors are able to be used with standard FFC, High Speed FFC or YFlex (High Speed FPC). The usage of the different cables is depending on the transfer rate. Standard FFC can transfer up to 480Mbps, High Speed FFC’s can transfer up to 3Gbps and YFlex is able to transfer up to 10Gbps. PART NUMBER Yf *    .    a***** Series A = Single Layer B = Dual Layer Design Number (internal only) HIGH SPEED YFLEX FEATURES • Available to transmit high speed up to 10Gbps with low loss • Effective to use at harshest temperature, humidity and EMI condition • Customized...

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INTERNAL CONNECTORS - BOARD-TO-CABLE SYSTEMS CRIMP/IDC CONNECTIONS Also for single wires and flat cables Yamaichi is able to supply standard connectors for Automotive use. Please see below a small choice of possible solutions. Further requests can be checked at any time. MATCHCON – M SERIES This 1.27mm pitch series is known for the vibration resistance based on the special contact design. Additional positioning springs can absorb relative movements. FEATURES • Series consists of Board to Board and Board to cable connectors • 1.27mm staggered center line • Cable connection with help of IDC contacts...

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BEC STANDARD BEC-0.5-230-S9-*F-R-EDC • Normal speed type • Capable for signals such as USB2.0, PCIe1.3 HIGH SPEED BEC HIGH SPEED BECHS-0.5-230-S9-*F-R-EDC • Based on special contact design this next generation of BEC is able to transfer data rates up to 5Gbps and is capable for signals such as USB3.0, HDMI, S-ATA or PCIe 2.0. • 314 pin available on request SPECIAL FEATURES OF THE SERIES • Connector ensures reliable contact in applications with vibrations due to the contact shape and form of insulator • Improved mechanical stability due to enlarged SMT tabs • Additional fixation of the module card...

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INPUT/0UTPUT CONNECTORS FAKRA AND HSD Yamaichi developed this product range based on the high requirements of the automotive industry. This I/O connector series fulfills the automotive standard norms and can serve a broad range of applications due to its variety. The new HSD versions are designed for the need of fast data transmission. All connectors conform to RoHS2011/65/EU HF106P FEATURES • Male PCB connector • 10 different colour/housing codings available • Primary and secondary locking • According to ISO 20860-1 and -2 and USCAR 17 & 18 • Other versions/codings on request Series No. Colour...

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Y-QLS-52P-LL-THT9-P-EDC Y-Quad is the new connector series based on Quadlock connector systems. The improved design is ensuring as space saving and easy to assemble product. Further versions like a reflow solderable type, reduced number of pins, version with/without shielding or with/without PCB are available on request. FEATURES • 52 pin version, 90° TH version • Space saving design in regards to connector size and PCB layout • Other pin counts are available on request • Reflow solderable version available on request • RoHS2011/65/EU USB The USB connector is one of the standard connections in...

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CARD CONNECTORS Based on customer requirements Yamaichi Electronics offers suitable card connectors for almost all card types, e.g. for Micro-SIM and SIM or MicroSD and SD. The design of the contacts ensures reliability under conditions of vibration and shock. All card connectors conform to RoHS2011/65/EU. Most of the card connectors have a metal cover, card detection switch and easy handling functions, like mis-insertion prevention. This page shows a selection of card connectors out of our large portfolio. SD - FPS009-2903-0 This SD card connector has a closed cover, card fly-out brakes and 2-point...

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