YAMAHA ROBOT Catalog 2015 / 2016 - 551 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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FULL LINEUP LINEAR CONVEYOR MODULES LCM100-4M/3M/2MT (Linear) Controller LCC140 for Linear CLOSED LOOP STEPPING SINGLE-AXIS ROBOTS TRANSERVO Series SS Type (Slider type) Straight model/Space-saving model SG Type (Slider type) Straight model/Space-saving model SR Type (Rod type with support guide) Straight model/Space-saving model (Slide table type) Straight model/ Space-saving model (Rotary type) Standard model/ High rigidity model (Belt type) Straight model SINGLE-AXIS ROBOTS FLIP-X Series T type Frame-less structure model High rigidity frame model N type Nut rotation type model (Double carriage) R...

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Products using a resolver as the motor position detector Products using 4-row circular arc groove 2-point contact guides CLEAN Type Arm length: 350mm/500mm Maximum payload: 5kg/4kg Arm length: 120mm to 220mm Maximum payload: 1kg Single-axis robots Cartesian robots SCARA robots SXYxC SXYxC (ZSC12) SXYxC (ZSC6) SXYxC (ZRSC12) SXYxC (ZRSC6) Arm length: 250mm to 400mm Maximum payload: 5kg Arm length: 400mm Maximum payload: 3kg Robot positioner Single axis Robot driver Cartesian robots Single axis RDV-X RDV-P Arm length: 700mm to 1200mm Maximum payload: 20kg to 50kg Single axis Robot controller Pick...

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Product Lineup LINEAR CONVEYOR MODULES "Connection", "extension", and "manufacture" are provided. Next generation conveyor achieves newly unprecedented transfer. Linear conveyor module LCM100 Note. As the figure shown above illustrates CG images, they are different from the actual product.

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Next generation conveyor LCM100 supersedes belt conveyors and roller conveyors. "LCM100" is a next generation conveyor that was developed as substitution of belt conveyor or roller conveyor for product transfer in the factory. A set of linear motor, slider, and controller is constructed as one module. Workpieces are placed on the slider, and then they are transferred. In the conventional conveyors, flowing workpieces at a constant speed in the same direction was the mainstream. On the other hand, "LCM100" uses a controller to control the slider speed and stop position at a high speed and with...

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Product Lineup Transfer line length can be adjusted freely by adding or removing modules. POINT The conveyor flexibly supports even line change by adding or removing modules. Once the transfer line was configured using conventional conveyor, subsequent changes need a lot of manpower. In contrast, as the LCM100 has a module structure, it is flexibly applicable to the line length adjustment by adding or removing modules. Furthermore, in addition to the reciprocation operation on the straight line, horizontal or vertical circulation can be made using the return unit. So, the LCM100 can be utilized...

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Acceleration, deceleration, forward movement, and backward movement of the slider can be set freely. Flexibility of the line configuration is extended greatly. High rigidity guide is used. ●●Slider is supported directly by the guide with high rigidity retainer. ●●As the rigidity is high, work on the slider can be made. ●●High speed traveling is possible in stable posture. ●●Traveling noise is quiet and less vibration is produced. Linear motor drive ●●Moving magnet type linear motor is adopted. High speed and precision operation is possible. ●●Cable carrier is not needed. ●●As the sliding part...

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Product Lineup Transfer processes that could not be achieved by conventional conveyors are achieved. Wastes are reduced to improve the profit. It tends to be thought that the transfer process does produce additional value when compared to the manufacture or processing process. However, the LCM100 achieves lines that could not be achieved by conventional conveyor and extends the processes. Various merits of LCM100 Tact is shortened. Long service life Workpieces in process are reduced. Compact design of the production line is possible. Applicable to line change after installation Line startup time...

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Excellent maintenance ability ●●As the motor is not in contact with the scale, no cable carrier is needed. ●●Sliding parts are only rails to ensure easy maintenance work. Module is standardized and can also be stored as maintenance part. ■ System configuration diagram (when 3 sliders are connected.) Even when the line becomes short and the modules are excess, they can be diverted to other line or stored for the maintenance. RFID antenna Insertion/ejection rail Standardized slider Robot cable Termination module Slider is standardized and it can be used for any line. It is also possible to share...

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TR A NSE R V O Seri e s Product Lineup CLOSED LOOP STEPPING MOTOR SINGLE-AXIS ROBOTS Excellent characteristics of both stepping motor and servomotor were combined. Stepping motor single-axis robots "TRANSERVO" series breaking through existing conventions. Robot positioner TS-S2/TS-SH This robot positioner is specialized for the I/O point trace input. The positioning or pushing operation can be performed using simple operation, only by specifying a point number from the host control unit and inputting the START signal. Applicable models: Note. SG07 is only applicable to TS-SH. This robot driver...

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Newly developed vector control method provides functions and performance similar to servomotors. SS type (Slider type) SG type (Slider type) Straight model Space-saving model (Side mounted motor model) Straight model SR type (Rod type standard) P.107 Straight model Space-saving model (Side mounted motor model) SR type (Rod type with support guide) P.110 Straight model Maximum payload (kg)Note 2 Maximum speed (mm/sec.) Note 3 Horizontal Vertical Straight model/ Space-saving model SG type (Slider type) SR type (Rod type with support guide) Straight model/ Space-saving model SR type (Rod type standard)...

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TRANSERVO Series Product Lineup As the slide table type, rotary type, and belt type were added to the product lineup, the design flexibility was extended. STH type (Slide table type) P.120 Straight model Space-saving model Maximum payload (kg)Note 2 Maximum speed Stroke (mm/sec.)Note 3 (mm) Horizontal Vertical STH type (Slide table type) Straight model/ Space-saving model RF type (Rotary type) P.124 Standard model High rigidity model Rotation Maximum pushing Maximum speed torque (N • m) torque (N • m) (mm/sec.)Note 3 Torque type 42 (Standard) 49 (High rigidity) 53 (Standard) 62 (High rigidity) Standard/High...

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