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Catalogue excerpts

SINGLE-AXIS ROBOTS This sigle-axis robot series include many models of 6types and 29variations for a wide range of applications. Product Lineup FLIP-X Series Custom order specifications for each model are OKAY! We gladly accept special orders for all models such as for double sliders or wide sliders. Please consult with our sales office for more information. Six types with high reliability and durability T Frame-less structure model High rigidity frame model ■■ Double appeal of a compact body and low price. ■■ Ideal in applications as an actuator directly installed on a mount. Rotation axis type model ■■ Combined with an AC servomotor and ball screw allows a rod to extend and contract from the structure. ■■ Usable in diverse applications including where a tool is attached to the rod tip for conveying work, or tasks where the rod pushes the work for clamping. * Sales discontinued time: Dec. 2013 ■■ Large inertial moment capacity, easily handles offset loads. ■■ Ideal for Cartesian robots requiring arm strength, and for moving arms that shift the entire axis. ■■ Position repeatability accuracy of +/-30seconds (0.0083°). ■■ The R type can be used as the rotation axis when combined with other robots, or utilized for a wide range of applications such as index tables. ■■ Harmonic drive delivers high-strength and high-accuracy.

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Nut rotation type model Double carrier available as a standard Maximum speed (mm/sec) Stroke – Comparison of maximum speeds High-speed conveyance with no speed hazard restrictions. Stroke: 2500mm Maximum speed: 1200mm/sec Layout using 2 units of conventional cartesian robots Space saving layout using N15 / N18 Space saving & process aggregation using N15 / N18 Other companies Layout using 2 units of conventional single axis robots In this structure, movement is via a nut that rotates while clamped to a screw shaft, the ball screw nut is linked to the hollow motor. Existing models ■■Repeated positioning...

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Product Lineup FLIP-X Series Uses a 4-row 2-point groove guide rail for superb durability! The Flip-X uses 4-row circular arc groove 2-point contact guides having minimal differential ball slip. Compared to 2-line gothic arch groove 4-point contact guides, the TRANSERVO has a structure with minimal differential slip of the balls and maintains good rolling action even under heavy momentum load or when the installation surface accuracy is poor. It is also resistant to breakdown such as from abnormal wear. 2-row gothic arch groove 4-point contact guide 4-row circular arc groove 2-point contact guide Large...

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The ideal controller to match your application! Besides operation by robot programs and pulse I/O point trace (positioner) train control, this new controller lineup includes Pulse train input positioners that operate by specifying a point No. These also support multi-spec operation where 1 controller unit operates multiple robots. Select the T type Frame-less structure model T9 (Standard) W94 × H98 T9H (High thrust) F type High rigidity frame model F20N N15 (Single carriage) N15D (Double carriage) N18 (Single carriage) N18D (Double carriage) B10 B14 (Standard) B14H (High thrust) N type Nut rotation...

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Product Lineup FLIP-X Series MULTI ROBOT MULTI-FLIP/MULTI-PHASER Operation where 1 controller runs multiple single-axis robots. The advantage of multi-axis controller operation. Sequence control is simple! System upgrades are inexpensive. More compact and saves more space than when operating multiple single-axis controllers. Allows more sophisticated control. Multi-axis controllers RCX221/RCX240 provide mixed control of the (linear single-axis) PHASER series and FLIP-X series. Multi-robot model prefix 1st unit robot type 2nd unit robot type 3rd unit robot type Controls a maximum of 8 units Cable...

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Separate single axes [Example] F14H and F10 can each be used separately. 3 axis combination [Example] Install C17L as the X axis, the C14H as the Y axis, and the C14H as the Z axis to form a 3-axis 2-axes + 1-axis [Example] The first axis is T6 mounted on the base. The second axis is C6, the third axis C4H is clamped on the upper section, with C6 and C4H assembled in an XZ combination. (These can be mounted in either 2-axis+1-axis or a 3-axis synchronous control by making the required setting.) Note. Using cable terminals (intermediate cables) on the wiring between each axis is recommended when...

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Product Lineup FLIP-X Series Double carriage 4-axis control: examples [Example] Two T6 are combined with MF20A double carrier in an XZ arrangement. Robots are controlled by 1 controller. Note. If using a double carrier, then 1 robot unit takes up 2 axes on the controller so the number of robots and number of control axes will differ. Double carriage / Dual drive (2-axis synchronous control) 8-axis control: examples [Example] Two MF30 double carrier are arrayed in parallel and run by dual-drive with two MF20 mounted above. Two T6 are each mounted on the tip of the MF20. Robots are controlled by...

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Allowable overhang This term indicates models supporting ball screw leads that exceed standard lead lengths (12mm or 20mm). (Standard lead length on the F17 and C17L is 50.) The allowable overhang means how much the work may overhang. It is indicated as a specification by the distance from the center of the top face of the slider to the gravity center of the work to be carried by the weight. This value is determined on the basis of the service life of the linear guide. Under normal operation conditions (Note), the 90% service life of the linear guide is 10,000km (5,000km for T4, T5, C4 and C5)...

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Compact single-axis robots APPLICATION TRANSERVO FLIP-X Single-axis robots Linear motor single-axis robots Cartesian robots SINGLE-AXIS ROBOTS SCARA robots Pick & place robots N TYPE NUT ROTATION TYPE MODEL ■■Robot ordering method description······························ 86 F TYPE HIGH RIGIDITY FRAME MODEL F8L··························································· 96 B TYPE TIMING BELT DRIVE MODEL B10·························································· 118 B14··························································120 B14H························································122 YMS...

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