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Catalogue excerpts

ROBOT VISION Product Lineup Simple to use and cuts the number of job steps! “Finds and Takes” without teaching tasks Many robot users might think, “We tried vision recognition but it seems to take a lot of work” or “we tried it before and making adjustments was a tough job”. But the YAMAHA iVY System eliminates those problems. Anyone can make setups on the YAMAHA iVY System and it also cuts down on the number of job steps! i VY syst em l ayo u t Gives you a ready-to-go robot controller equipped with an image processing function by just setting an iVY board in your 4-axis robot controller RCX240 or RCX240S. Putting “eyes” in your robot allows you to search and take workpieces, find deviations in workpiece position and make corrections even in the case of large errors, expanding the range of applications. Connects to up to 2 cameras and lighting units Vision board connects directly to bus ■■Options • Lighting control board • Tracking board • CCD camera • LAN cable (Shield crossing) • Camera cable • Lens • Close-up ring Multi-axis controller • Lighting control board • Tracking board Encoder Connects to up to 2 encoders Select an optional tracking board or lighting control board (tracking board comes with lighting control function) ■■Finds workpieces and positions them ■■Makes corrections automatically even if camera moves Tracking board ■■Performs tracking on conveyors

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Ordinary system: No robot vision System with robot vision Positioning each workpiece or part Workpiece 1 Detect by camera and remove No positioning needed Assemble Positioning jig replacement and other tasks are needed whenever the workpiece is changed. Costs for setups/changeover and jig fabrication/storage are especially high when dealing with a small lot of workpieces. Setups are easy to handle by just loading new model data even if changing the workpiece or part. No mechanical positioning is needed so costs are cut by equipment downsizing and lower jig tool expenses. Easy for anyone to use...

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Product Lineup Register workpiece data in 3 easy steps! Includes dedicated “iVY Studio” software YAMAHA wanted “A vision system that anyone can easily The iVY system also includes dedicated “iVY Studio” software. use”. But image recognition itself has been around for a This single software registers the work (sets edges, sets all types long time. However, up to now image recognition required of parameters, set data loading range) and reference marks complex tasks such as coordinate matching (calibration) or used for calibration, and also performs all tasks involving vision setting coordinate offsets...

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Unified operation with integrated controller Other machine vision products on the market use different formats so a coordinate conversion program had to be written into the controller. The iVY system however has an integrated controller so robot point data is stored in one extremely and easy step. Camera control and lighting control are handled by integrated operation within the robot controller in an easy to understand operation that reduces the man-hours needed for equipment startup. Ordinary robot vision Aligning with the robot coordinates is a tough job Offset calculation is needed if the...

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Product Lineup Handles workpice without teaching Teaching an accurate position to the robot is essential when attempting to handle work by robot and if an offset or deviation occurs in the work position then correctly handling the work is impossible. In the iVY system however after rough positioning, image recognition is used to make an accurate position adjustment. The work can be moved without teaching so the man-hours needed for startup are reduced and flexible adjustments such as work piece changes or additions can be made. Stable edge search for great results Ordinary machine vision equipment...

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Vision is also easily controllable on the robot program The robot program executes all vision control tasks including ■■Examples of Robot vision language camera switching, image loading, and work piece search. Command names Writing programs is simple compared to ordinary vision Functions Load image from camera systems because control is all-inclusive from robot movement Search for the specified part type to camera control. Moreover, debugging is also efficient so the Switch the monitor mode ON or OFF Acquire the number of parts that were found Acquire the position data Acquire the time required...

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APPLICATION TRANSERVO Robot vision iVY system Compact single-axis robots iVY System Robot with image processing functions Single-axis robots “SEARCH and TAKE” “CHECK POSITION and ASSEMBLE” YAMAHA offers a whole new production line concept that eliminates time-consuming teaching and positioning tasks with “iVY-system”! Linear motor single-axis robots Basic system contents RCX240 controller iVY system (Plug-in Board) iVY Studio (Support software) Cartesian robots Vision board connects directly to bus Connects to up to 2 camera and lighting units Programming box RPB SCARA robots LAN cable (Shield...

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APPLICATION TRANSERVO iVY System iVY System basic specifications Edge (contour) searches Single-axis robots The edge search format of the iVY system is relatively unaffected by missing and soiled workpieces. Generous number of registered models Up to 40 models can be registered and used in searches. This permits easy setup changes simply by changing the model number. Linear motor single-axis robots Up to 2 cameras can be connected (both cameras must be the same type). iVY Studio permits search conditions to be monitored during automatic robot operation iVY Studio permits monitoring of work search...

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Accessories and part options Compact single-axis robots Standard accessories iVY board Linear motor single-axis robots With power supply harness Without power supply harness Single unit model KX0-M657L-00 KX0-M657M-00 Single-axis robots Name Camera trigger input cable connector Custom tool APPLICATION TRANSERVO Instruction manuals can be downloaded from our company website. Please use the following for more detailed information. Support software for PC iVY Studio Environment Software model KX0-M4988-00 Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Windows Vista...

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