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Catalogue excerpts

ENGLISH Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice. YAMAHA YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD. IM Operations 882 Soude, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 435-0054, Japan Tel 81 -53-460-6103 Fax 81 -53-460-6811 URL E-mail

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T RANSER VO CLOSED LOOP STEPPING MOTOR SINGLE-AXIS ROBOTS The position detector is a resolver The position detector is a resolver. The resolver has a simple yet strong structure using not electronic components or elements and so has great features such as being extremely tough in harsh environments as well as a low breakdown rate. The resolver structure has none of the detection problems that occur in other detectors such as optical encoders whose electronic components breakdown or suffer from moisture or oil that sticks to the disk. STH type (Slider table type) Features & Benefits Circulation...

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LINEAR MOTOR SINGLE-AXIS ROBOTS SINGLE-AXIS ROBOTS Quick selection table Quick selection table Single-axis robot series include 6 types and 29 variations for a wide range of selections. T type Compact model High rigidity model No speed deration needed up to 4m long stroke. Delivers superb performance in long distance transport. MF type Long stroke & high-power using flat motor with core Double Carriges Standard on all Modules Maximum stroke : 4050mm Maximum speed : 2500mm/s Repeated positioning accuracy :±5µm Maximum payload : 7 to 160kg Double appeal of a compact body and low price. Ideal in...

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CARTESIAN ROBOTS Quick selection table MULTI-AXIS ROBOT Custom orders Wide variety of pre-configured multi-axis systems to choose from. From compact economical light duty to Large heavy duty systems. Custom designed multi-axis system is available. Please consult nearby YAMAHA representatives. Gantry type One controller for multiple single-axis robots. The advantage of multi-axis controller operation Sequence control is simple. System upgrades are inexpensive. More compact and saves more space than when operating multiple single-axis controllers. Allows more sophisticated control. Multi-axis controllers...

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YK-XG YK-XR YK-XGS YK-XGP SCARA ROBOTS Quick selection table A totally beltless structure was achieved by using a ZR axis direct coupling structure. This direct drive structure drastically reduces wasted motion. It also maintains high accuracy over a long period of time. It ensures maintenance-free usage for extended periods with no worries about belt breakage, stretching or deterioration with age (feature applies to all XG series models and the YK180X/YK220X). Direct Drive beltless model Low cost high performance model YK-XG series Conventional model Wall mount/inverse model Dust-proof & drip-proof...

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ORBIT TYPE SCARA ROBOT Quick selection table C LEAN ROOM Type CLEAN ROBOTS Quick selection table Superior Positioning Accuracy and High Speed Enables a smaller equipment footprint by eliminating the dead space at the center of the movement range. YK-TW can move anywhere through the full ϕ1000 mm*2 work envelope. Featuring a ceiling-mount configuration with a wide arm rotation angle, the YK-TW can access any point within the full ϕ1000 mm downward range. This eliminates all motion-related restrictions with regard to pallet and conveyor placement operations, while dramatically reducing the equipment...

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Wide range of control systems to choose from. From single axis positioner to multi-axis comprehensive absolute controller covering DC Stepping Motor, AC Servo Motor, and Linear Motor. TRANSERVO GeneralSmall servo purpose servo Linear motor I/O point trace Remote command TS-SH The TS series are robot positioners that operate just by specifying a point No. and entering a START signal.These can do positioning or push operations without having to write a program. Speed changes can be made during movement by carrying out linked operation. As the operation with the robot language is omitted and the...

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Quick selection table A robot-integrated vision system means simplicity, high functionality, and reliability. Ease of original iVY, with greatly improved performance. Supporting five-megapixel cameras ELECTRIC GRIPPER Easy operation by YAMAHA's robot language. Gripping power control System configuration illustration iVY2 Multi-point Control Workpiece check function Measures a workpiece by position detection. Adjustable in 1% increment from 30 to 100%. Speed control Adjustable in 1% increment from 20 to 100% for speed and 1 to 100% for acceleration. Utilizes the HOLD output signal to check if the...

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Basic specifications ►► P22 From "simple flow" to "controlled move' Construct a rapid-throughput line for increased profitability, Smooth deceleration and stop Reduced transfer time Increased yield Direct positioning Production line using LCM100 Lower total costs Module system for easy line layout change A transfer line is configured by connecting the number of necessary modules as required. Of course, new line configuration and line change can be started up speedily. Additionally, operations, such as shortening of the line, diversion of excess modules to other line, and storing of excess modules...

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* When a load is more than 1 kg, the motion range is reduced. Use the robot within the recommended motion range. 22 | YAMAHA ROBOT LINE UP YAMAHA ROBOT LINE UP

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