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Catalogue excerpts

Product Lineup LINEAR MOTOR SINGLE-AXIS ROBOTS No limit on critical speed even when using a maximum of 4M long stroke! Delivers superb performance during long distance conveyance! Two types available with a double carrier as standard MF Long stroke & high-power using flat motor with core P.134 Shaft motor drive with the advantages of a light-weight ·compact body · minimal cogging MF type internal structure MR type internal structure Magnet shaft Moving coil Flat type magnet Moving coil Magnetic head Magnetic scale Bearing rail Magnetic scale Magnetic head ■■Maximum stroke: 4050mm ■■Maximum speed: 2500mm/s ■■Repeated positioning accuracy: +/-5μm ■■Maximum payload: 7 to 160kg ■■Maximum stroke: 1050mm ■■Maximum speed: 2500mm/s ■■Repeated positioning accuracy: +/-5μm ■■Maximum payload: 5kg

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W210 × H100 MR type Shaft type linear Steel cored linear motor with falt magnet Maximum speed (mm/sec) Note 1. Size is the approximate cross sectional size. Note 2. If using at maximum speed then the payload will be as shown in the ( ).

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Product Lineup PHASER Series High speed , Long Travel ,up to 4 meters! High Payload on MF type Maximum payload: 160kg The ultimate appeal of linear motor single-axis robots is that there is no critical speed limits such as with ball screws. There is no reduction in the maximum speed even when traveling long distances. Moreover, the maximum stroke is a standard setting of up to 2m on the MR type and to 4m on the MF type. The cycle time in particular for long distance conveyance has been drastically improved. The MF types which employs flat magnets has a maximum stroke length of 4m. Payloads can...

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Linear scale made by YAMAHA YAMAHA used its own superb magnetic signal detection linear scale technology. Magnetic type scale is ideal for harsh environments Lower costs Yamaha's magnetic scale is resistant to dirt and grime and can be used in places partially exposed to grease and cutting oil. Making the scale in-house and internalizing it in the robot provides long travel position feedback at reasonable cost. Semi-absolute specifications Repeated positioning accuracy +/-5μm Using semi-absolute specs eliminates the need to make a large return to origin movement after turning on the power (carriage...

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Compact single-axis robots APPLICATION TRANSERVO FLIP-X Single-axis robots Linear motor single-axis robots SCARA robots Cartesian robots LINEAR MOTOR SINGLE-AXIS ROBOTS Pick & place robots CONTENTS ■■PHASER SPECIFICATION SHEET···································· 130 CONTROLLER INFORMATION ■■Robot ordering method description···························· 132 ■■Robot ordering method terminology··························· 133 MF TYPE MF7/MF7D··············································134 MF15/MF15D···········································138

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Steel cored linear motor with falt magnet model Incremental Semi-absolute Cartesian robots SCARA robots Incremental Semi-absolute Double Single Double Single Double Single Double Small type Small type Linear motor single-axis robots Maximum Maximum Stroke (mm) Repeatability speed payload (μm) (kg) (mm/sec) 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 Medium type Large type Position detection method Single-axis robots High thrust High thrust Compact single-axis robots APPLICATION TRANSERVO PHASER SPECIFICATION SHEET Note 1. Size is the approximate maximum cross-section outside dimensions. Note 2. If...

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Detailed info page Linear motor single-axis robots Single-axis robots Compact single-axis robots APPLICATION TRANSERVO Cartesian robots Pick & place robots YP-X Detailed info page P.150 CONTROLLER INFORMATION MF type MR type

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APPLICATION TRANSERVO Robot ordering method description Compact single-axis robots In the order format for the YAMAHA linear motor single-axis robots PHASER series, the notation (letters/numbers) for the mechanical section is shown linked to the controller section notation. [Example] Mechanical Single-axis robots • Cable carrier take out direction RH • Optional cable carrier for users S • Origin position Change (R side) • Grease Standard • Stroke 550mm • Cable length 3.5m • Regenerative unit Not required • I/O selection NPN Ordering method Linear motor single-axis robots Controller section This...

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Enter the robot unit model. Select from 2 types: incremental specifications and semi-absolute specifications. Select what direction to install the robot (horizontal / wall mounted) and what direction to extract the robot cable carrier. LW Wall hanging, left Installing direction Linear motor single-axis robots Note. Be sure to install in the direction as specified (in cable carrier take-out direction drawing and various specification drawings) individually. Installation in any other way will cause a failure. For requirement of installation in any way other than the above standard installation,...

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APPLICATION TRANSERVO ● Flat type available Ordering method Compact single-axis robots Single carriage model Model MF7: Incremental MF7A: Semi-absolute Note 1 Single-axis robots Cable carrier entry location RH: Horizontal, right LH: Horizontal, left FRH: Horizontal, right (Flat) FLH: Horizontal, left (Flat) Optional cable carrier for users Note 2 No entry: None S: S type M: M type L: L type Origin position change No entry: L side Z: R side Grease type No entry: Standard GC: Clean Stroke Note 3 100 to 4000 (100mm pitch) Cable length Note 4 Driver: Power-supply voltage / Power capacity 110: 100V/200W...

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Cartesian robots Linear motor single-axis robots Optional cable carrier S type (140) 140±5 (R side origin position) 40±1 (Note 1) Single-axis robots 170.4 Optional cable carrier M type Compact single-axis robots MF7 single carriage horizontal mount model APPLICATION TRANSERVO Cross-section of cable carrier Pick & place robots Note1. Distance from both ends to the mechanical stopper. Note2. The origin is set on the L side at the time of shipment. It can be changed to the R side by parameter setting. Note3. he drawings on this page show the unit with horizontal-right-type cable carrier (RH). T (Between...

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