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Catalogue excerpts

TRAFFIC PRODUCTS APPLICATION MANUAL traffic display devices of better energy efficiency Yaham Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.  Address: Bldg4, HANS Industrial Park, 128 Chongqing Rd, Fuyong,                 Bao'an District, Shenzhen, P.R.China, 518103.     Tel : +86-755-2937 1701      Fax: +86-755-2675 5760            E-mail:  traffic@yaham.com Http: //www.yaham.org ISO 9001:2008 FM 576930

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With the rapid development of highway, the number of motor vehicles surges and it results in the phenomenon of traffic congestion serious year by year, at the same time the economic losses increases. Therefore, improving road capacity is necessary. Today, Intelligent Transportation System plays an important role in reducing traffic congestion and improving the highway utilization and traffic management efficiency. Variable message sign is one of the most representative means of distributing transport information to public. So Variable message sign is a Intelligent Transportation System which has...

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Registered capital reached 51300,000 RMB. The headquarter of Yaham was moved to HANS Industrial Park, Bao'an District Shenzhen, factory size increased to 25,000 sq.m. Portable Variable Message Signs developed and entered Australia and New Zealand. Yaham products are titled with Guangdong Provincial Self Innovation Products, are listed in Guang Dong Provincial Government's official supplier catalogue. About HAN'S YAHAM Yaham has passed has passed the ISO international quality certificate ISO9001:2008 and ISO international environment certificate ISO14001:2004. In the same year, Yaham was pride...

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Display Surface Display Surface Red Roundel Speed Limit visible part of a VMS that contains the elements that may be activated to display the message. Front Panel Backing Board surround to the VMS, used depending on local circumstances, providing improved visibility of the VMS by means of broadening its size and by providing suitable visible contrast with the VMS background. Back Board LED is abbreviation for light-emitting-diodes which uses compounded semiconductor material as the source of light. LED lamp is now widely applied in display and lighting product due to its advantages of long lifetime...

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Quality Control Yaham offers a wide range of Variable Message Sign (VMS) for any road application, more common are the freeways facilities and city traffic facilities. ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 registered. PIDS Terminal Display products has been qualified by CE in Europe. Member of ISA (International Sign Association). Research and Development on Variable Message Signs that comply with EN12966,NTCIP,TS4. Freeways: Convey concise and clear message for cars in high speed such as road/weather conditions, emergent alarm and limited speed. Monochrome of amber, dual-color or full-color are available...

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Dual Voltage Supplier on LED Due to lighting chip difference inside, Red/Amber LED has lower threshold voltage to light up than Green/Blue LED. So, we applied dual voltage channel to drive two types of LEDs. Surplus energy is saved by this technology. Using separate voltage driving board to achieve energy-saving purpose specific voltages are applied to different lamps. For example: for red and yellow lamps, we supplied a total voltage of 3.8V with 1.8-2.2V as break-over voltage; For green and blue lamps ,Instead used another separate driver to provide 5v with 2.8-3.6V as break-over voltage for...

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Our Advantages - Safety Secured Power Supply and Lightening Shock Protection We have equipped lightening shock component of industrial level. High quality components include direct-lightening protection, signal protection, power surge protection. Power supply, air switch of high quality are used to assure stable and durable operation under severe environmental conditions. OBO power lightning protection device 360 degree sealed for ingress protection level of IP56 Our cabinet is fully sealed to ensure ingress protection level of IP56. Aluminum alloy material increases thermal conductivity and reduces...

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Control System Adjust or manual panel’s brightness. Set and get VMS brightness. Get pixel detection information. Edit playlists and upload to the VMS. Implement text and images edit. Preview the content of the VMS. Tablet PC Andriod Control System Scanning Card Pixel Detection Card Traffic Signs Customers can be customized Traffic Signs according to the application environment and traffic condition. Now the Traffic Signs can be divided into the following categories: Variable Speed Limit Sign, Lane Control Sign, 7 Segment Display, Removable Variable Message Sign, Passenger Information Display System...

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Connection PIDS in Netherland PIDS in Thailand airport Portable Variable Message Sign Feature: Power Saving, Reliable, Removable, Can be Powered by Batteries. Beam width Model Number Power saving Large pixel pitch Color Pixel Pitch (mm) Portable Variable Message Sign YAHAM Traffic VMS in Chinese highway and cities Passenger Information Display System Radar speed VMS in Austrialia Feature: Power Saving, Reliable, Front Access, Strong Anti-interference Ability, Low Radiation. Beam width Model Number Color Pixel Pitch (mm) Passenger Information Display System YAHAM Traffic Custom Variable Message...

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Customer Service Committed to traffic display devices of better energy efficiency 1. Service Tenet Our service tenet are: customer demand for the first; customer satisfaction is priority. 2. Domestic Hotline Contact Yaham customer service at 400-001-5761 or +86-755-2937 1701 3. Customer Service Policies Yaham worldwide traffic guidance projects locations - Before Service Our company develop the specific design scheme, solution and provide the engineer’s advice according to customer requirements. - Sale of Service Let the customer know our production base and check the quality. Our company responsible...

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