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Variable Message Sign Portable Variable Message Sign vastly used for the traffic warning of road & bridge construction, municipal construction, fire-fighting, and parking lots. Portable Variable Message Sign commonly used with trailer together, sometimes you can also use solar energy power The most obvious feature of the Portable Variable Message Sign is the "Portable", all the design around HAN'S YAHAM • High transparent rate • High heat sinking capability Switching power supply: LAMBDA, SWS300A-12 Main control card: YHT-SYS-STM32-05 Test & Certifications • Member of IS A (International Sign Association). • RoHS Compliant • Products comply with CE/FCC Contact YAHAM Tel-.+86-755-29371701 / Fax:+86-755-26755760 / E-maihtraffic@yaham.com / Http://www.yaham.org

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Committed to traffic diaplay devices of better eneigy effidency Cabinet Drawing Contact YAHAM Tel :+86-755-29371701 / Fax:+86-755-2675 5760 / E-mallXraffk@yaham.com / HUp:// www.yaham.org

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