YAHAM New Outdoor X0 Series catalogue - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Main tech. Specs. Dimension & weight Applicative spacing Front & rear

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Steady,clean, light, thin. A nearly perfect symmetrical body reinforced by a steady design. Ultra light cabinet with thickness of only 88mm, about 40% less than that weight of regular cabinet, it saves cost

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Two-way service. The specially designed 90° rotating lock system enable anyone to do service both from rear and front easily.

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Hidden cable, individua Wireless connection, instead of signal cable. PCB will serving as signal carrier and thererfore enhances the signal stability, moreover, the signal is individually distributed, any failure of any module will cause no ripple effect to other modules.

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. XO is a product comes out from Yaham's years experience on outdoor led display, every detail of XO was thought out and gone through again and again. It is an open structure with weatherproof module mounted on it, as the way we did fa all of Yaham outdoor products. XO can also be serviced both from front and rear, moreover, there is no any visible wire outside.The whole cabinet is reduced and simplified until what we had which is mostly practical and beautiful we could have.

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