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Parameters Light Distribution Product Model LED Chip Brand Light Efficiency Luminous Flux Color Temperature Beam Angle Total Power Consumption Output Current Output Voltage Net Weight Light Dimensions Light Package Dimensions Others Power Efficiency    Working Temperature (Environment)    Heat Sink Surface Temperature >93%    -40°C~+45°C    78.2°C (Room Temperature 29°C) Fixture Efficiency    Working Humidity (Environment)    Luminaire Base Temperature >90%    15%~90%RH    69.3°C (Room Temperature 29°C) Total Harmonic Distortion    Storing Condition    LED Power Consumption <15%    -40C - +65C    372W±20W Suitable for Square, Intersection, Overpass bridge, Harbor, Dock, Airport, Toll station, Stadium and Other Lighting Purposes © 2017 Yaham Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

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