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(Committed to traffic display devices of better energy efficiency Lane Control Lane control signal signs are widely used in traffic system. The control center can update real time traffic information on LCS, so drivers will know road conditions the first time, which will ensure Yaham Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has served LED display field for over ten years. As one of leading LED visual solution provider in China, Yaham are committed to producing high reliability, long operation life and energy saving LED display and VMS products, it have ability to endure the harsh conditions of life in outdoor. We promise our product is your best choice. Green Option,Merge Rngtlt Green Oplion, Merge left orRighl Provides high visibility in bad weather. It can customize according to customer's requirements. Lane Control Signal consist of one Red Cross and green arrows including green downward, down-left, down-right and turning left arrow. Applied double digital photographic probe, in the display of the front and back all have digital photographic probe. It can ensure that the display brightness will change accordingly whether sun exposure to the back of the screen or positive. Spin lock design make it easy to install without screwing 2mm Aluminium housing, fully welded with internal strength and support members. Use Nichia high intensity LED technology with exceptionally long life MTBF. Switching power supply: Mean Well, SP-150-12 Main control card: YHT-SYS-MUS51-11 Test & Certifications • Member of ISA (International Sign Association). • RoHS Compliant • Products comply with CE/FCC Spin lock design Digital photographic probe Nichia high intensity LED Contact YAHAM Tel -.+86-755-29371701 / Fax:+86-755-26755760 / E-mail -.trafpc@yaham.com / Http://www.yaham.org

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Committed to traffic display dewces of Letter energy effidenaj Cabinet Drawing Contact YAHAM Tel :+86-755-29371701 / Fax:+86-755-2675 5760 / E-mallXraffk@yaham.com / HUp:// www.yaham.org

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